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  1. Any word on what Sony's big exclusive will be this fall? Everybody's gone to Rapture looks pretty dam good but thats out pretty soon.
  2. Seems Dice are going for photo realism with this game and 60fps http://stevivor.com/2015/04/dice-star-wars-battlefront-will-run-at-60fps-across-all-three-platforms-aiming-for-photo-realism/ Hmmmmmm considering how bad these new consoles are doing thus far with alot of games failing to be 1080p with 60fps (no frostbite game has managed it yet) i think Dice would need to pull off a major miracle
  3. Yeah but it's from Dice and using Frostbite does it not?
  4. Is it just a reskinned Battlefield game like Hardline?
  5. The Order down to £20 if anyone fancies it... http://www.thegamecollection.net/the-order-1886-ps4.html
  6. Will need to friend you for a few races, Got my £150 pedals through the door today, Missus is not happy
  7. It's not like PC though with Medium, high & Ultra etc, The settings you change on consoles i doubt will have any effect on the framerate as what's the point in going higher than 60 on consoles. Reports are it's gone gold (at last) with and with Andy Tudor tweeting... https://twitter.com/realandytudor/status/588045893317820416
  8. Aye seen that, But they were priced reasonably and they have an effect on gameplay unlike the fucking hats
  9. Anyone else starting to really hate modern gaming? Was playing The Last Of Us last night and decided to look at what you can buy...£24.99 Naughty Dog are charging for hats for your online character. 25 fucking quid for some virtual fucking hats which equalled to 8mb. Fucking horrible.
  10. Cod 4 was the last tactical COD game and the last truly great game...it was downhill from then
  11. COD was always a tactical game until the 360/PS3 generation.
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