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  1. Not if your told by the government you can’t play the game.
  2. Perhaps that’s why Liverpool and Man Utd were trying to reduce teams in EPL to reduce the number of games if this replaces the CL
  3. If the EPL loses their top 5 teams they may look at a British option.
  4. May provide an opportunity for us
  5. Will they need to self isolate on return? See Messi will miss El Classico as he’ll need to self isolate after International game
  6. Yes and he was out for 187 days of 2018/19 season where he managed only 5 games due to a single injury, so he played 50 games in 2 seasons. Including 22 in a season stopped short in March from COVID. Far from barely. But you know that!
  7. Not 3 seasons though, in 2018 he was injured in September not returning until the March so missing almost entire season with knee injury, out of the other 2 season plus 2018/19 games he did mange he’s played 58 times. Far from barely!
  8. Possibly, but 71 games in 3 years is far from barely played.
  9. He’s played 71 games in 4 years, 1 year of that period he was out injured with 6 months for broken leg and 6 months with knee injury.
  10. Remains to be seen how he does. 71 games I think it is in last 4 years.
  11. I’m sure we all get behind him, at least it’s only a loan to start. That’s a good bit of business.
  12. His salary over the same period would surely have been taxed the same as the pay off.
  13. Doubt it will happen. Sign for 80k per week for EPL relegation fodder most likely
  14. All adults received vaccine by Easter, full house for last OF game at Ibrox as we march towards the title. Bookmark the post
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