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  1. RM default theme appears to be goosed for mobiles.
  2. Is it not about £20 for a praying mantis? Nice wee earner at Christmas.
  3. Is it not maybe an auto correct? Sure we had them on here or still do?
  4. That's more like streaky bacon, than what we get here. Its just like that but cooked ham, they even call it English bacon.
  5. Few years back here you had to go to the English butchers to get bacon in Prague. There's Iceland, M&S and Lidl when it's British week now that sell it. You get pretty much everything here now. Hopefully brexit doesn't fuck with my supply chains.
  6. I didn't end up with pudding though . Plenty of cultures have sweet breakfasts so I find your mongo comments both racist and offensive. Banning offence tbh.
  7. This I never made the caramel though as was trying to see if could get the pudding/flan right first. Fucked it. Having the rest with toast this morning.
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