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  1. He could be the nicest guy in the world in person for all I know, but on tv he comes across as an absolute cretin.
  2. Walker one of the only people to unite both us and them with a common hatred of something, genuinely never met anyone that has said a good word about him.
  3. Thought he was poor last night but played well on Saturday, clearly dropping a lot deeper now than he has previously. I would drop him for Sunday though as we now have the players to replace him when he needs a rest or is off form.
  4. It's good to be in a strong position with the squad, I would drop Kamara on Sunday purely because of the games coming up and I never want to see Jack and Kamara in the same team against the likes of Livingston & other SPL fodder, big away games and in Europe its totally understandable though.
  5. 2 of those defeats were games that we were fully in control and only really ourselves to blame for turning it into defeat. Spartak game we obviously had the disallowed goal which was miles onside but our defending thereafter was comical at best, Young boys we simply capitulated last 10 minutes.
  6. It is already creaking, as it has done before we just need to stamp home the advantage now instead of shitting the bed.
  7. Hartley is correct the big man went down like he had just been shot but doesn't take away from the fact anything could have happened to him, it's not the fact they take no responsibility for me its more annoying that they are effectively allowed to do what they want and nobody from the media or anything will question it. I have no doubts if a Rangers fan done that to Dida we would be looking at a full stadium closure.
  8. Whittaker? He was on penalties for a while under Smith.
  9. He says it in his post match presser, told Tav to make sure its away from Duffy.
  10. If it took that for the squad to hate them then deary me, they had handed us our arses on a fucking plate for years until that season started up so the hatred should have already been established.
  11. It was funny at the time since he never got sent off either but at the end of the day we lost the game, the grand scheme of things it meant absolutely fuck all.
  12. Sad but true, lost the game and Kent didn't even really touch him but everyone celebrated that part. He is a total irrelevance in these games now and should be looked upon as such, the only thing he can do to us is try to bait someone into getting sent off, although I did take joy from the fact that him, rogic and the thumb are no longer able to lord it over us because there not playing cunts like Senderos or Rob Kiernan anymore and are shown up for the pish that they are.
  13. Markieff Morris as well what an idiot 😂 I hope the heat win to take it to a game 7.
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