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  1. Typical bitter attitude to anything we do, the hatred is unbelievable for 1 season of this, would love to see it continue for that alone. On a serious note though this can only do our kids a world of good, standard might not be the greatest but they will be playing men week in and week out, also getting a feel for the preparation and what goes into an actual matchday as it's no longer show up at Auchenhowie for a bounce game.
  2. Seen them saying full Ibrox in the group chat, I will now expect a full house for flag day.
  3. Slavia were not anything great, couple decent players but nothing special. We turned up for 1 half out of 4, the performance at Ibrox was probably our worst in Europe under Gerrard.
  4. Westbrook for all his stats won't ever win the MVP again unless his team is a top 3 seed, the only reason he got it at OKC was because it was the 1st time anyone had averaged a TD since Oscar Robertson. Jokic, Embiid or Curry it is for me, even though Curry has missed a bit of the season he has been ridiculous for the past month or 2. The Knicks making moves, if my calculations were correct then they only need 1 more win to seal a playoff place, Randle should be in the MVP conversation as well.
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