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  1. I had it at a push 4-4 but wouldnt have been surprised if it was 5-3 Usyk, AJ winning at that point is mindboggling.
  2. If they thought the USA fans were bad yesterday then its going to get a lot worse today unless they stop the bleeding, looking unlikely on paper.
  3. We need the consistency but there is no chance Gerrard will stop rotating them especially with Helander already out if anything happens to Balogun or Goldson we are really fucked. He rotated yesterday and the gamble didn't pay off even though the whole defence was at fault not just Simpson (a shadow would offer more cover) Simpson will start on Wednesday with Bassey LB imo.
  4. Actually noticed this a few times with him, he just follows his man out to the wing like a lost child, forever behind him as well, if he learned to position himself better he has the pace to make up ground. Helander has the experience and knowledge of the game to know he won't win most foot races but can position himself to effictively cut the space off, Simpson has neither.
  5. Basically the exact same with a few of my family, they used to not have a problem voting for SNP but as my step dad said before the last election "there is only so long you can vote for idiots" Also believed the pipe dream that an independent Scotland would have multiple political partys to choose from rather than SNP dictatorship for years to come.
  6. Need it as close to my ST as possible and have one beside me just not able to buy it until tomorrow, thanks for the offer but.
  7. Of course teams will score against us its part of football, doesn't mean anybody escapes criticism.
  8. Where as Rangers are demanded to make statement's, start and finish that inquiry in the same day or face ridicule from every corner. Fuck them
  9. Bit of an over reaction never once said we should get rid, for what its worth I think he is the best CB at the club but your deluding yourself if you didn't think he had a mare yesterday, even Simpson looked more solid when he came on which tbf wasn't hard to do.
  10. I would say he was unlucky if it was a one off today, it wasn't he was routinely gone past by Ohalloran time and time again.
  11. I would say he was unlucky if it was a one off today, it wasn't he was routinely gone past by Ohalloran time and time again.
  12. Defence is there to defend, something Helander clearly forgot how to do today before his injury.
  13. Won't find any uproar in this hellhole, probably pass it off as banter since Jimmy's everything they hate.
  14. Don't know why anyone is surprised tbh, we still got charged £28 for the Alashkert game after the CL disaster. They will bleed me dry this month but you know what your signing up for, if you really don't want to go then just don't buy the tickets.
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