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  1. If they somehow managed to win the league then something has went terribly wrong for us.
  2. Just as I say that Shake Milton comes on and pours it in 😂
  3. 76ers Hawks game brilliant just now, think Hawks Nets would be a better series than 76ers Nets. Could let Embiid go for 50 a game but outside Harris/Curry you can't rely on the "others" to score consistently enough to live with the Nets.
  4. The Bucks were poor last night but the Nets just battered them, anytime the Bucks had a small burst the Nets would just go drain 3s for fun 😂 Scary thing is they done that without Harden.
  5. With guarantees to play every week then yes they would do it, actually quite smart from city if they had the tims mirror there playing style as its basically just another system for them to have, they just become another feeder club as well 😂 If it makes sense for them then I don't see why they wouldn't send players to Gerrard but probably more chance of breaking into there team which will be going through a rebuild rather than out settled side.
  6. Rick Carlisle came out and said Porzingis was more valuable as a floor spacer for Luka rather than spearheading the offense, the guy is getting paid the max to be a floor spacer its lunacy. It could have been different before his bad injury but he looks like he can barely even jump now, the Mavs should try and trade him and get Luka a supporting cast.
  7. I think the Bucks should come into it more the series goes on, they certainly can't shoot much worse than they did. I don't mind Blake but if your letting him get a 18 point 14 board double double at this stage in his career then something has went badly wrong.
  8. Bucks and Nets just about to start should be an absolute classic series, Bucks will absolutely murder them on the boards so be interesting to see what the Nets do to counter that.
  9. May not be possible but they should move heaven and earth to try acquire Dame from Portland, As good as Lebron is he isn't getting any younger and needs help especially if AD gets injured which is always a probability, Kuz just won't cut it for the Lakers should be moved on with a few others.
  10. What do you mean ? you haven't heard about the gallowgate galacticos ?
  11. They seem to forget one key element to Wenger even being appointed, he managed at a pretty high level in Europe before spending a year in Japan, Angies only adventure into Europe has been the 3rd division in Greece
  12. Always puzzled me that one, done extremely well getting them into the last 16 of the champions league but 'he didn't play ra shellick way'
  13. Well somebody on Clyde 1 last night compared Lawell to Putin and says he won't be going anywhere
  14. Lakers aren't after regular season but and as unlucky as he has been when it matters most his body usually breaks down in some way. I can definitely see the appeal for it but with Lebron. Think the Knicks is a likely destination for him.
  15. Could they even make a 3 year deal work? Don't think the Lakers have much room to manoeuvre this off season never mind dishing out a 3 year deal.
  16. It could work for the Lakers but then it's another ageing injury prone player, Lebron has started to pick up small injuries while AD is constantly injured, last thing they need is a player like Paul spending a season in the treatment room.
  17. Ainge ultimately fucked it, had multiple draft picks that have equated to nothing outside Tatum and Brown. He was unlucky with the Hayward injury I would give them that but the contract for Kemba was ridiculous IMO.
  18. Shannon Sharpe called it before the series started, all you have to do with the Clippers is stay in the game with them and don't let them get a big lead as they don't have a clue how to close. Hopefully the Knicks hold out but I think it is evident Randle can't be your number 1 option in the playoffs, hopefully he proves me wrong next year in the post season but I don't see it personally.
  19. That is the fear, ultimate Dolan move to give him a max. Sad that the Knicks have been knocked out but the Hawks were clearly better in the series and everything after the regular season was a bonus, now the big thing is building on this season but never know whats round the corner with Dolan. Also this is Luka's world, we just live in it.
  20. He went 0/9 from the field but still shockingly bad, not one other starter outside LeBron got more than 7, no wonder it was a blowout.
  21. Keep Randle for next year even though he has had a poor post season he is vital to the way the Knicks play, outside D Rose if Barrett and Randle aren't cooking then the Knicks offense is non exsistant. The Lakers-Suns series just got a whole lot more fun with AD going out, if AD is out for the playoffs whoever comes out the east wins it IMO.
  22. After our dark years I forgot how manic they were tbh, nothing will surprise me anymore 😂
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