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  1. Passionate defence for a guy who was pish for us, I used to like big Alves before he rocked up at us but it clearly didn't work out and became pretty evident quite quickly he wanted out.
  2. Just seen guys in here discussing it and have believed it since everything else MyGers has done has been a shambles, probably bullshit but or at least I hope it is
  3. TBH I haven't a clue mate, think it was something like 5 points per home game and there was only a couple on my record, the list for points was on here at some point I'm sure a home game against Hamilton netted you more points than a European away game and other nonsense.
  4. You don't, I was only on 35 points and still got one. That was the other shambles about the system no prior warning that it would change so drastically that everything you had done for the past 5 season's had to be in your name, most of my tickets for the last 2 seasons where from mates or buses so no points were counted for me.
  5. I knew they did a programme for each game but to give out points with it as well is an absolute shambles, the whole scheme is a shambles and shouldn't have been rolled out until we knew whether fans would be in or not, I was made to sign up to it so I could get on the waiting list for a ST but will be trying to get out of the scheme next season and just keep the ST.
  6. As you should be mate, I would rather enjoy our best season in years than worry about made up scenario's that so many seem convinced will come true.
  7. Are we 18 points ahead or behind ? I'm struggling to notice with the amount of panic setting in here.
  8. There is a mental block then there is just being downright mental.
  9. Got it but can't get into it, never been a big fan of console manager sims but going from 2020 on pc straight to this probably didn't help and the fact there are a couple of games I am already playing through means this has suddenly went to the bottom of the pile, will need to start a new one and try again but.
  10. It looks like Harden is being more of a playmaker, doubt we will see the Houston Harden jacking up 30 shots a game after dribbling for the full shot clock, if they can get a competent Center in before the playoffs then they will be a lock for the Finals I think.
  11. I love watching Jokic play but for me there isn't a better sight than when Steph Curry starts diving into the bag and sinking 3s from everywhere. For once the future is certainly looking brighter over in NY, I think Quickley will be a star his floater is deadly and he just seem's to make the correct decisions just now, the fact Randle is having an all star season and Thibs is the coach won't have me getting to far ahead of myself as his teams tend to burnout also can Randle sustain this form for the season? Always the chance Dolan just decides to blow it up again for fuck all as he usual
  12. I would certaintly flip Reddick and Bledsoe, trade Ball as well and build your team around BI and Zion.
  13. Even the Wizards manage to get a win from the Nets, Wizards had 13 points after 9 minutes then proceeded to score 136 😂
  14. When did I once say he was inciting violence? You seem to be getting very agitated while defending a spoon burner for some reason.
  15. Aye because saying somebody should be "chopped up with a machete and sent to all corners of the globe" is just good natured craic eh?
  16. Yep, Morelos almost killed a rat last night haven't you heard?
  17. 16 points ahead we need to be to win it at there midden, think if we go in 19+ ahead a draw would take it but we all want the gubbing.
  18. Seen they were supposedly lookong at Mcgee, seems daft since they traded a better version of Mcgee in Allen to the Cavs 😂
  19. Im probably the same, I did like the Thunder a couple of years back but that was more liking Russ than the team, don't mind seeing the Lakers win because Kobe is the reason I started watching Basketball. If I had to go for anyone it would probably be the Knicks 😂 love it the rear time they actually do well, and by well I mean achieve a plus 500 record in the middle of the season 😂
  20. Mines is the opposite castore badge peeling off and multiple letters already gone from the inside, made in turkey also, 3rd kit was made in china and apart from a couple of letters inside it everything is still perfect on it even the qualoty of it feels better. It hasn't totally put me off as every so often we do get a home kit with these problems just hope it is ironed out for next season.
  21. Nets handed another slapping by the Cavs 😂 KD never played but they still gave up 122 points. Nuggets v Suns seemed like a good game from what I seen of it just both teams going at it.
  22. Probably won't happen but I would love to see the Joker come up against them in a playoff setting, think he would have his way with them and then some, any Centre worth there salt will have a blast against them.
  23. There is deep rooted problems with there squad never mind behind the scenes, defence and keeper is a shambles and they have spunked nearly 10 million on strikers who look like they won't cut it, the midfield is the only part that looks functionable for them next season. Unless Desmond pulls a pot of gold out of nowhere then they will be downsizing for the next few years at least.
  24. Always like watching inside the NBA but Shaq always comes across like a dick, the only time he doesn't is when he actually just talks Basketball as he is really knowledgeable. Charles Barkley on the other hand is a national treasure and should be treated as such over there.
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