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  1. Sexton tore them apart the full overtime, especially Kyrie who he made look like an utter fud 😂 Nets need another Centre or some sort of presence in the paint as they will just get scored on at will with or without Deandre Jordan.
  2. If we go into the game at there midden 16 points ahead we can win it there.
  3. Not being proactive and signing him instead of Wright will derail the season now I just know it.
  4. Sell Morelos and Kamara, sign Ferguson and Cosgrove. Type of moonhowlers that appear all of a sudden.
  5. Very true but the club was proactive in dealing with that as well, as much as I hate to say it I don't think they have breached any rules just an absolute PR disaster, Duffy on the other hand should be banned as IMO that was a total rule change compared to previous incidents but then you realise it actually hinders them more having him on the park than off it so it's a bit of a catch 22 😂
  6. Doesn't work like that, the news broke on the sunday so I would imagine they were tested either friday night or saturday morning, they then tell whoever tests positive to isolate from whenever the symptoms first started or if they have none then its 10 days from the test, the close contacts are then contacted and told to isolate from there last contact so they might no have seen Julien since the Friday night leaving the plane which would make it 10 days. It did used to be 14 days for close contacts but they recently changed it to 10.
  7. Ohh your really raging, follow the dude around like a bad smell then suddenly become shocked when your called out for acting like an arsehole, get over yourself 👍
  8. Say your no raging but call me a prick in the same sentence 😂 so because hes used to the abuse you have free reign to call him what you want? If you don't like what the guy posts fucking block him and stop moaning about every little thing he does, wankstain.
  9. Raging cause the guy was asked a question and he answered it 😂 He can be a smarmy bastard at times definetly but this wasn't one of them.
  10. KD for me is the best off the ball but you are correct you don't want his role diminished in any way, it would never happen but it would be good if Harden or Kyrie accepted being the 6th man and take charge of the 2nd unit that way everyone gets usage of the ball.
  11. They certainly are, an interested Harden is still one of the greatest scorer's ever. The problem's may start to arise if Kyrie decides to show up again, KD can work off the ball but Harden and Kyrie both need the ball in there hands to be effective.
  12. Looking at it just now its the Nets who have got the shit end of the stick, could of course be proved wrong but if Kyrie decides he just doesn't want to play anymore then they have just chucked away a chunk of there rotation when they could have just shipped Kyrie, it will be very interesting to watch nonetheless. Everyone else is a winner IMO, Rockets get the draft picks plus some they gave up for CP3 and Russ, Pacers get Levert which could potentially see them make a run out the East and the Cavs keep playing it smart IMO, big fan of Allen think he will do well for them.
  13. It was always a criticism of mine as well about his subs or lack of especially in tight games when the opposition are starting to come into it, you still see him being a bit cautious with the subs now and again but can't really complain this season as its worked. Another aspect to it is obviously more quality on the bench meaning Gerrard has more trust in those he is bringing on.
  14. Tbf to Fleck he was always on a hiding to nothing, built up as the next Rooney if I recall correctly. He has managed to have a decent career mind you.
  15. Be out in the next 15/20 minutes regardless.
  16. They pulled the Villa game on Bet365 the night before, think they did put it back up the next day when it was a bit clearer what was happening.
  17. Pittsburgh getting there arse felt by the Browns here, 4 touchdowns for the Browns in the 1st Q 😂😂
  18. Thought we played well up until they got there goal then I was a nervous wreck 😂 good win and on to the next one.
  19. They do testing in my work and there have been a few people that have tested negative one day then positive the next with no symptoms at all, the game tomorrow should be called off or there squad that webt to dubai should have to isolate until another test or 2 is done.
  20. Its was her quote the other day about stopping teams travelling to play in European competition becuase because others are bending the rules that pissed me off. Only 1 football team in Scotland would be affected by this and it certainly isnt the lot that fucked off to Dubai during a pandemic.
  21. Probably replaced Duffy when he went home and still done better on 1 leg.
  22. There isn't a chance she does anything to the rugby, doubt she will do anything while the tims are at fault either but if it was us we probably wouldn't even be allowed back into the country.
  23. One thing about a Thibs team is they will play hard no matter what, probably burn out eventually like most of his teams do but at least they could have a shout at the play in game. Watch the Knicks get off to there best start in about a decade for James Dolan to go and sack Thibs or do something stupid.
  24. Kyrie is just a grade A knob, first his pish with the media now this the guy think's he is above his responsibilities.
  25. According to wiki he has played 11 games since leaving them 😂 would no doubt be on decent wages as well so hopefully they do go and get him.
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