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  1. Jones and Edmundson admitted it to the club and the club acted on it, tbf to nippy she actually praised us for acting so swiftly, the Taigs have simply buried there head in the sand.
  2. Well J-Maestro how your Pels just managed to lose against the Pacers I will never know after a 19-2 run in the 4th, end up leading by 10 with 2 minutes to go, Sabonis fouled out yet somehow managed to lose in Overtime and in the process fucked my coupon
  3. Supposedly lennon came out a week ago and said they wouldn't be buying a goalie in January, even better news.
  4. Sunk about 5 hours into Cyberpunk yesterday and it felt like I had barely scratched the surface, had absolutely no problems with performance on the Series X either except for one enemy being locked in a room yet able to shoot me through walls 😂.
  5. It's madness mate I totally agree, she actually arranged an extra 2 weeks back here because she assumed she would have to quarantine but was then told there was no need to 😂 Im going to enjoy it this week especially when I start back work, I hope i'm wrong here but by the sounds of a lot of them they have already chucked the towel in, think the meltdown will probably hit it's peak this week while there away on there jolly's.
  6. Unless its changed in the last month (which it probably has) then no quarantine is needed just a negative test, her pal stays over there and she came home for the month, no quarantine when she came home start of December and doesn't need to do anything but take a negative test back to Dubai.
  7. Tbf to the cunt this time he was called out for a square go, so I hope it is actually going to go ahead n the cunts in the royal for the night.
  8. Bought Cyberpunk the other night when I was pished, not had a chance to play it yet but looking forward to getting a game.
  9. As funny as that would be these cunts are on the ropes, should go out and absolutely destoroy the fuckers! Don't believe there self made hype we will fucking annihilate them.
  10. As shambolic as that team is it gives me great comfort knowing that him having to pick 6 Rangers players would have absolutely destroyed him.
  11. I guess you didn't hear about the tims being the greatest side to grace football again after an all time classic 3-0 against Hamilton pro youth?
  12. Sure I seen a headline saying 'Rangers scrape out win while celtic turn on the style' Now I don't have a problem with them saying we grinded out that result because we did but I imagine its a bit more difficult to turn on the style against a full strength hibs team compared to Hamilton's 3rd choice side.
  13. Easy enough because everything is on your account, if you have most your games on a hard drive then its just a simple case of switching it over, you do need to reinstall everything again which is a bit of pain and I also read somewhere that an external HD will work with current gen games but moving forward they probably won't support the power of the series X games unless it is optimised for that.
  14. My mate got it for Christmas and says it plays really well on the Series X just seems to be current gen consoles that can't run it/buggy as fuck.
  15. If he sets up and gives up the middle then we need to take full advantage of it, instead of focusing down the wings let Davis, Kamara and Aribo dictate things. Totally forgot about Roofe not playing the 1st old firm, think he will cause them a whole host of problems with his movement but would probably put him on the wing while Morelos starts through the middle, harsh on Hagi but that's what I would go for.
  16. Think they might go 442 for next week, the middle will probably be missing Arfield and Jack next week who are vital in games like this and after how much we exposed them with the wing backs in the 1st OF game I can't see them not giving them cover, couple that with the fact we have skelped them when there playing 352 or 451 I think he just goes for it next week.
  17. From 5pm onwards I will be watching 12 hours of Basketball if possible, not sure how that plan will go down in the house but thats what's happening for now 😂
  18. He was a good player but think he is too far gone with the otherside sadly.
  19. Haven't watched the game yet so just going off box scores but they need Schroder to average around 20ppg, I know they have trezz scoring from center and it does look like Gasol got into foul trouble but they really need more than 1 board and 1 assist from there starting Center. Don't like the Clippers roster either feel like the first time they come up against Jokic or someone of his ilk they will just bully them. Watched the first game which eventually led to me missing the later game as it was so one sided it induced sleep 😂 Nets looked scary good although that Warriors team was shambol
  20. French teams in the shit just now as well because there tv deal fell apart so outside PSG it's expected there will be a firesale in January, hopefully punt dembele for 5 million or some pish.
  21. Looks like another slog of a year for the Warriors, would never rule them out from sneaking into the playoffs with a healthy Curry but defensively they are absolutely woeful, Brooklyn tearing them apart and its not even halfway through the 2nd Q.
  22. Seen a thing today saying Scottish clubs didn't need to secure a work permit for EU players unlike English clubs after brexit.
  23. Im not suggesting for one minute he purposely lies down to them but his record against them is absolutely hoaching shit squad or not, the fact he sets them up to be so negative in most games doesn't help.
  24. The same McCann that scored a double at there midden to win the league, also had some of them tossing themselves off the top tier, basement dweller but 🙄
  25. I love doing this in work, can see the cogs start to slowly turn in there heads.
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