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  1. We had an excellent start last season and the wheels came off, we are still firmly in the driving seat and like I said they deserve all the praise in the world for the start but also deserve every bit of criticism coming there way as that performance tonight has been witnessed multiple times throughout the years.
  2. Sone perspective is needed but when Gerrard and this team are 0-7 when it comes to trophies then I can understand people being hysterical.
  3. People on here actively looking for an arguement because some fans have the audacity to question what just happened? Of course there is going to be hysteria we just lost 3 goals to st mirren and got pumped out a cup with as easy a run in as we could have picked.
  4. Madness that some people try and defend that inept shitshow tonight, theyve been rightly praised so far this season but deserve every bit of criticism coming there way for that tonight. If you concede 3 against fucking St Mirren then you deserve what you get.
  5. Tbf to AD I think he would have stayed at the Pelicans if Boogie Cousins didn't get injured and Rondo stayed around, once that happened AD kind of had no choice as they absolutely fucked up there roster.
  6. Never liked Bledsoe personally ok for the regular season but goes missing far too often in the playoffs, same with Middleton massively underperformed in the playoffs, the Lopez brothers best days are behind them as well. None of it matters mind you because the Lakers will win it all again no doubt 😂
  7. I think as long as the front office at Milwaukee are competent enough to get him a supporting cast then he may get 1, I know you like the Lakers but thank god he isn't going there as they would be more dominant than the Warriors were with him AD and Lebron there.
  8. Giannis staying with the Bucks and signing the supermax, happy to see him try to build something rather than jump ship at the first opportunity.
  9. They will probably see it as a positive tbh, but as we know all too well its the hope that kills you.
  10. Really enjoyed the last couple of month since we wiped the floor with them at there midden, its been 1 fuck up to another for them since while we have played superb but because the way the last 2 years have panned out there is always that little doubt in the back of my mind, if we get through to the end of January still 7/10 points ahead after you take there games in hand away then that doubt should dissappear.
  11. We used to have 1 or 2 great seasons in europe then have an absolute horrorshow the following year. The problem for us and even the taigs for the last 20+ years has been treating the ball like a hot potato. Ball retention is absolutely key in Europe and Gerrard knows it, he has actually done some job even giving the players the confidence to hold the ball like they do at times, Kamara is also the vital cog for keeping possesion IMO probably why Gerrard decided to say about improving his deal.
  12. Thank god he did, the level of player we have signed since has been sublime.
  13. Only reason I can think for them keeping Lennon is they don't want to bring in a new manager to be associated with losing the 10, they could have brought in a Strachan or O'neil weeks ago until the end of the season but there probably to far gone for even one of them to bother with the hassle of it. Keep Lennon until the season ends or the league is mathematically done then go for a 'project' manager is what I think they will do.
  14. Had a good bash at it now, MP can be good occasionally but there is so much wrong with it its unbelievable, snipers need patched along with burst guns, mp5, and who the fuck thought putting shotguns as a secondary was a good idea 😂 in most maps the spawns seem like an absolute mess as well, I will play it when my mates are on but that will be it from now on I think.
  15. Had one of them in work the other night saying we had never qualified for the champions league because we were 8 year old, a 57 year old man at that 😂 riddled with inferiority.
  16. Tav should attack the first header instead he is caught on his heels then the balls bouncing around the box. 2nd goal they overloaded that side and done us with some lovely one touch stuff, my only complaint was not being slightly tighter before they started the one touch passing but sometimes you need to hold your hands up and say some goal, probably like they will with the Roofe goal.
  17. Any other player I would say it was trolling but im 99 percent certain that Charlie was serious when he said it.
  18. Just seen that, also thinks they can go to the San Siro and get a result, must have there heads in the sand 24/7
  19. The boys superb in games were possesion is key. Sadly think he will be off if the Euros go ahead and he has a decent showing.
  20. First question in the conference with BBC "a sobering night neil, how did you rate it ? " for some reason I found that absolutely hilarious.
  21. Tell the wee man to give him hell 😂 my mums man is a tarrier as well absolutely loving this season so far after the past near decade of shite from him, still a long way to go mind you but will be happy giving them it all for the full season.
  22. Amazing, bring Sinclair with him just for shits and giggles.
  23. Her wee nephew is one of them and hasn't been alive to see them lose a league, I will take great pleasure in him knowing about this loss the wee cunt.
  24. Probably charge you another tenner "to secure your place to be in with a chance"
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