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  1. But this time we’ve actually witnessed progress and now have a steady squad that doesn’t need a major overhaul
  2. That’s my point, the squad they have has been together for years we are a work in progress. We are desperate to stop 9/10 but if it was less than that maybe 5 or 6 would the hysteria be the same? I said in another thread earlier that going to dubai is a massive mistake and we just need to get game time in at home rather than piss off abroad. If we haven’t learned that after this break we will never will. I can’t see an alternative better than we have to be honest
  3. Not exactly mate but we’d be a Poundland Chelsea sacking managers every other year. Let’s just see this project out. Fuck me we had a Portuguese waiter two years ago, there are levels and we are very slowly getting there. I fucking hate how long it’s taking but who else do you suggest to take us forward?
  4. Don’t forget a ready made squad was there for Lennon, we are 18 months into a squad now. We have to stick with him, I can’t see many other managers jumping to come to us if we’re willing to sack Steven Gerrard.
  5. I feel the same mate, the break at Christmas has killed us and even if we are to win the league this year we seriously need an alternative (maybe high intensity training and friendlies) instead of a holiday to Dubai. The focus slipped massively twice now and we can’t do that again.
  6. agreed mate, it’s shite but we’ve just got to stick by it. I believe in our system and the way we are going. It’s slower than we all want but we’ve not got any other option. lets focus on giving the boys support because they are probably all as scunnered as the rest of us right now.
  7. No, we are progressing, even if it is slowly. I’m as gutted as everyone else but sacking the gaffer and possibly his staff would be suicidal. We just have to stick by the team, nobody said it would be easy. Dubai has fucked us for a second season we just have to stay home next year and play games. I have faith this will end in a positive way. Maybe not this season though.
  8. He won’t be sacked, even if he was who do we go for? We are in a better place than we have been in nearly 10 years. I’m as sick as everyone else but getting rid of Gerrard/the backroom staff will not help. We have to see this through, no matter how tough and turgid the next few months may be. We have to stick with it
  9. Anybody know the approximate times for the fights?
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