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  1. We wouldn't be having this conversation if the rest of the team would get their fingers out their arses and start scoring goals. It's not just the forwards either, how many times do we send the big guys up for corners then fanny about? Garbage man.
  2. To an extent I agree, if a manager says he has no complaints then appeals and fails it should result in an extra match ban. If he genuinely think he was wronged then no extra ban.
  3. Well maybe a 'small' club is a bit of a stretch but the certainly aren't a big club.
  4. They are a small club though. Why people, particularly non-Newcastle fans, buy into this myth they aren't is beyond me.
  5. They'll still make an excuse
  6. What if he didn't know he was a paedophile at the time he appointed him? And who's to say they were friends? Could have been a working relationship only.
  7. You'll get folk on here saying the 66 isn't offensive and is just numbers that could mean anything. Ditto the HH but that's not offensive.
  8. They were pretty decent to watch back then also. Their fans an insufferable cunts though.
  9. I wonder if they boo all players who get Slavia players suspended? strange rivalry that.
  10. And on Sunday perfect karma was dealt when we go in front and all of a sudden the Hibs players are all in a hurry. Refs should be booking the keepers after a 2nd or 3rd warning and nipping it in the bud but they never do. Another more controversial way to stamp it out is that if a team wastes time all throughout the game ,as most teams do V us, but finds itself a goal down at 90 mins then the ref should blow for full time with no additional time added.
  11. I'm sure i'd be all for booing a player if he got a celtic player a ban. Taking the co-efficient very seriously over in the Czech Republic I see.
  12. How would fans know what 'sect' an opposition player was so that they could boo them?
  13. Hiding it behind the threat of legal action isn't going to make it go away. The manky bastards are going to get what's coming to them.
  14. Another celtic thread with @GersInCanadaright in aboot it
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