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  1. If I had to sum up this press release in a single picture....
  2. Hopefully we'll do better against other teams lower in the league. FFS.
  3. Beinsports feed has no added crowd noise, it's quite boring so far.
  4. Scottish Rugby is so deeply embedded, he's going to have a lot of politicians, media, etc in his contacts list on speed dial. Hmm....
  5. Super strange timing. Why not wait until the end of the season? Who the fuck is retiring in the middle of covid? ("Questions you know the answer to", I know, but whit?)
  6. I honestly suspect it's this more than anything. That his big pay days will be over.
  7. It strikes me as hilarious that going to Dubai for a break really has been their "big plan" to win the league. As in, sunloungers = league trophy. Causation vs correlation.
  8. I think that's literally the official Hibs club motto
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