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  1. The worst news. An absolute legend.
  2. It feels like a school-teacher-with-a-whistle anachronism doesn't it, especially if the crowd is going fucking mental, music, confetti canons and pyro or whatever. The referee is like, "hey you that scored the goal, calm doon."
  3. My hesgoal stream is so far behind we're still drawing against Vale of Leven.
  4. It uses the same tune as the famine is over, which was also a Johnny Cash song, a Beach Boys song, and before that a folk song in the Bahamas:
  5. Must be terrible for player and team morale until January.
  6. It's officially OK to grow out mutton chops to wear with this shirt by the way.
  7. Looks more white and gold to me?
  8. The twitter link above (if legit) also talks of inspiration from the 1872 jersey.
  9. What language am I learning on this stream here, Hebrew?
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