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  1. They absolutely do, like the "catastrophic" question after the European result, then they get the quotes they want. They'll be reeling in quotes that will set off the next Timplosion. It'll be quality entertainment.
  2. Beginning to question if Rab is still the best choice to work the night shift at air traffic control.
  3. I think athletics starts tomorrow. I think the men's 100m final is Sunday.
  4. Scouting Strategy: Load Championship Manager > Player Search > Free Transfers > Toggle Interested > Order by international caps
  5. Current 3rd strip expectations after seeing the new away strip.
  6. I wish it worked like that, but without financial damages to show or loss of future income, I think that's a non-starter.
  7. That reads like she has a lot of good reasons to be paranoid, but that sounds like a very doubtful scenario, even for a fucking idiot like him.
  8. Just picked this up in a Medium.
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