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  1. Absolutely solid suggestion.
  2. That's a great way of putting it. Or how about this - why not give people a choice? If they prefer to put int C1872's existing vehicle, cool, if not let us invest and have equity? Have both options? (I say this because the shares aren't on the market to buy, this is a closed arrangement between them). I mean, Dave King could stand for election to the board of C1872 and effectively help control back his own old shareholding for free with this arrangement. (I think TBH it would end up like university rector elections where whoever has notoriety ends up elected, presumably ex-fo
  3. I feel like the open market is more of the way too. Could for example something like C1872 facilitate the public buying shares as a separate initiative, and help organise it being some kind of group effort. I mean from DK's perspective, he gets the same money. I think it's good that a block like this exists, but when it gets big I think it gets vulnerable to its own governance issues. You don't have to look far in other organisations - SPFL, the actual government to see the potential for a shitshow. C1872 'says' it's the fans (and obviously not questioning the good intentions of t
  4. Just to clarify, it wouldn't be a majority, but it would be the single biggest shareholder with 25%. That is....if it raises the funds.
  5. This makes me a bit anxious - what governance is there to stop fuckwits taking the board positions of Club 1872 without needing put their hand in their pockets? The more power it has, the more attractive it will be to the type of people that would like to cosplay at football club owners without needing the money. Feels like a corruptible environment, with the club being run by whoever has the ear of the right person. And their 25% shareholding threshold is surely a liability when it comes to new share issues, as they may not want to dilute under 25%? (given their pitch that having
  6. Where is the 'like twice' button?
  7. Interesting thought. They might also want to get the Milan game out of the way too and pin it on him, and find a way to look sanctimonious, before forcing him into a seppuku ritual disembowelling. (Of course, as soon as I press submit, he might be out on his ear, and Paul Lambert in a uber.)
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