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  1. I've had an issue before where I paid on one device then tried to login on the one I wanted to watch it on, and it wouldn't log me in until I logged out of the other one - but didn't have a message to say that.
  2. Over the moon. Hope all good news for you @WeeJacksonRFC
  3. The Melbourne experience suggests it can get super ugly, super fast (Melbourne has been in lockdown with curfew for past two months). Possibility of complete panic a month from now, and what they come up with football wise is anyone's guess. Not sure how European football can work in that kind of scenario, as a lot of countries have to agree at the same time (speculating of course).
  4. Castore from the beginning have given off an air of being chancing bullshit artists. It's such a clearly derivative brand, with thesaurus-heavy press releases. (Most sportswear brands feature a lot of bullshit, even if they are better known, to be fair. I'm not going to get to the pie shop any faster in this shirt, whether Usain Bolt wore it or not) But I fear this could get a lot worse. What happens if this fledgling business has cash flow problems, goes under, disappears, and the club doesn't even get paid - or customers out of pocket? It's very high risk for embarrassment, and giv
  5. I thought the Rangers TV coverage of the St Johnstone game was excellent. Really impressive.
  6. The onus is on the employer, and literally every employer that has employees interact with other employees or customers face to face at the moment - it was an off-the-chart-mental breach of public health. The onus is on them to demonstrate how they lived up to the public health standard that they didn't meet, not on everyone else in the world to give them the benefit of the doubt. They have to answer the questions, show the evidence, it's not a brush off situation. It's unusual right now for so many ordinary jobs to carry this risk, granted.
  7. Oh my fucking god. Every employer in the country has to ensure their employees aren't going to kill other people. Can I add in spades, that the onus is on the employer. It is the employer that has to show and prove that they have done every thing they possibly could to know he was OK to play. i.e. they have to show all the steps they took. It's not a secret they don't have to answer. If they took no steps, did fuck all = liable.
  8. A public health order to not be at work because you can kill people is the very lowest of bars to hurdle.
  9. That's not true at all, it misses the point of vicarious liability. The company is responsible for the actions of their employee. Kilmarnock's players and staff played CFC, they didn't individually contract to play each player one by one. If you buy a bus ticket, you haven't contracted with the driver of the bus, you bought it from the company, it was their job not to put a fuckwit at the wheel. There may, in turn, be a triangular case they have against their employee, where they go, look you lost us this penalty and you have to pay us back, but that's their internal problem. Does
  10. The employer is still held responsible and pays the penalty. Whether they knew or not is their internal problem, not the people their employee might have made sick. That's what encourages employers to give a toss. If a bus driver is off his tits and crashes the bus, the bus company will still be liable for compensation whether they knew they were off their tits or not.
  11. Right. Employers are vicariously liable for their staff, it's their job to know and be on top of health and safety in all walks of live. Any employer that has a staff member return from Spain at the moment when they should be self-isolating would not have them in front of customers, or other staff members. For fuck's sake the football authorities find clubs liable for their fans behaviour. Songs they don't like. CFC saying "difficult to imagine a more irresponsible action in current circumstances and we find it beyond explanation" is another way of actually not bothering to explai
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