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  1. How much now, for an international goal scoring attacker?
  3. Love big Marv. ❤️. Join his sing along.
  4. I think he knows 90% of what it means. The first game back with a full stadium, will give him the shivers he grew up on.
  5. You don’t like Andy Halliday and I don’t like you. I think you’re a leech, promoting your work on popular Rangers forums to get hits to your site, to generate money. If your site has content that Rangers fans would like, then they will give hits to it, then you wouldn’t need to keep advertising it on other people’s hard won reputations. It would stand up on it’s own. It doesn’t. I would say that’s fair.
  6. Did you? switchy, switchy trying to act the fountain of knowledge on all things journalistic. If you can give it out, then you should take it back. You worked for the record. You did nothing to boost Rangers in your time there. You took the pound before integrity. I’ll back him over a “journalist “ every time. Hypocrite.
  7. Hypocritical arrogance. Not you OJW.
  8. I took it a different way sparkle. I think Gerrard was hinting at his freedom to play without the reins of Scottish football.
  9. OH! A man after my own heart. Chip pieces and loads of butter!
  10. Justify that. No one else in this country apart from taigs want him to leave. There has been not one sign, that Alfie wants away. Fuck off with your story and don’t come back.
  11. Done. Great work during this hard year guys. Hopefully not long until we see some pictures of Erskine back in Ibrox.
  12. I don’t think he will just jump at the first opportunity. He’ll know he has a good thing going here, and I’m sure Liverpool and him are in contact whenever they want but, he knows he could end up another Lampard or even Souness in a second. Time is most definitely on his side and if he did jump this season, I fear for his long term management career. I hope...........
  13. Some people need to take some advice.
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