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  1. She fucked it on Friday by announcing Glasgow would remain in tier 3......I was certain she was waiting for Saturday to come and go then it would suit the narrative that it was big bad Rangers fault
  2. The thing that annoys me the most about the carry on from Saturday night is that in the medias eyes it overlooks all the good we have achieved this season, from the players invincible league campaign to the excellent work that supporters groups have put in to completely taking our Glasgow and other towns back....the scenes on Friday night were amazing and made us all so proud to be bears.....the tower in Dubai getting lit up again amazing.....but sandwiched in between those great efforts we have the element who go and take the shine off all the excellent work previously achieved
  3. The boy on the right going after that wee pryde cunt was sat in front of me at the game.....I remember watching him run on the pitch do a bit of damage then casually back up to where we were as if nothing happened The papers had a close up of the lad as one of the 20 odd the police were looking for
  4. Fuck knows what goes through peoples heads.....Saturday was a day for all true Rangers fans to have a celebration and some reflection of the 10yr journey we had to endure But certain wee fannies in our support can't help themselves but cause bother amongst each other, fucking embarrassing that they associate themselves with our club
  5. Tbf mate the video has been lifted from social media somewhere so it's already out there....I just thought it was cracking to see them still partying with the kit on
  6. Ffs wully....that should come with some sort of warning....how bad and insane looking does a kit need to look these days
  7. They lost their first game 1-0 to the mighty imps ffs...but they games don't count according to that dobber last night
  8. The pre season was decent and I enjoyed the way Kent, Morelos, Hagi & Aribo all linked up swapping positions, it was then I felt we would have more going forward than the previous campaign, but key was the defence, we shipped too many goals to individual errors last season which ultimately led to us dropping points.....I started to believe when we kept keeping clean sheets, we stopped leaking easy goals which contributed to 3pts more often than not....it turned out to be the perfect storm for a perfect league campaign
  9. If we were with Nike and that was next seasons top I'd be scunnered
  10. The art of designing decent tops seems to be lost these days
  11. That's what won us the league bud....we had never gotten by 6 wins on the bounce previously.....those 45pts were massive
  12. Whoever it was probably made some sort of comment about Kent tearing him a new one.....or something about Alfie megging him ....hardly merits a journalist having to run a story on it.....as someone else said if you are going to dish it out then you need to be able to take it. Clearly Brown is only capable of dishing it out
  13. Said as much during the game.....fuck me fernandes has scored 21/22 penalties and he has only been with them 16/17 month
  14. He clearly catches him....unfortunately for Watkins was already on the road down
  15. That wee cunt has commentated on every team bar us since we looked likely to win the league....he clearly doesn't fancy the gig of having to call us champions
  16. I'm sure Aberdeen done it in the 1989/90 season
  17. Why 3 assists just for Morelos....surely Kent must get an assist for his shot being blocked by the arm to win the penalty?
  18. In your total contributions column m8 you have Arfield down as 6 but he is 7 15 players with overall contributions to goals so far....all we need is the 6 main contributors to keep up the good work and I'm confident we will be celebrating I'm not even counting Aribo at this stage so factor in him and we will have 7 players who will give us big numbers this season
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