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  1. Looks like you could be spot on m8....a cunt on clyde claiming if they don't sack Lennon and they lose the league then they will be back to putting flags back into the stands
  2. Remind me what happened with that one....that was a different time from when he snorted a line off Ricksens book....my memory is vague on this one but I think it rendered his name change to pleaseacceptmyappolocky
  3. I'm not so sure m8....it's changed days in that respect....when we toiled badly in the early 80s our crowds at times were very low to say the least, I remember being in Ibrox last game of the season and the crowd was 7500....after our demotion the club needed the fans more than ever to survive, for me that's where the loyalty came from....even our first year back in the championship the crowds dropped but that had more to do with getting rid of the spivs at the time than it was results on the park which were poor also
  4. Surely we need to stop posting videos of the band "MENTAL AS ANYTHING " everytime the filth drop points then?
  5. I think Aribo will play in the front 3.....Jack is his General for the big games
  6. Seriously m8....I noticed in the pre season games how different our midfield and front three were now applying themselves.....even after a few games people were still thinking we were playing with 2/3 holding midfielders....this system now floods the attack but also looks very compact at the back
  7. For me that is the greater issue here....because Morelos in the past has scored ex-amount he is seemingly getting an easier ride than someone who puts in similar performances Just say Barker made the 2 slack passes that Morelos had made today? I can assure there would have been at least 2 threads on him wanting him shot
  8. I'm agreeing with what you are saying regarding mistakes being made....but don't be kidded if you believe that the minute we concede a goal that costs us points because of a half arsed lay off that it will be brushed off as "these things happen " the key is mistakes are going unpunished this season, Balogun made 2 significant errors also....I went off my nut today with Hagi...twice he laid the ball off to Aberdeen in the dying minutes....apparently it's ok because we're up 4-0....fucking bollocks....if that is a mistake at 1-0 then we go mental....to win this league we require 110% focus 👍
  9. Agreed....the European midfield 3 seem to pick themselves
  10. I agree m8....I thought we made a lot of errors at the back (Balogun) and took some unwarranted risks....up top we should have scored more....to win 4-0 is frightening for the rest as we are better than todays showing
  11. It is more significant now in the way we set up....Morelos comes deep and his lay off goes back into the middle of the park....the way we move players into the final 3rd then yes it is different.....we are playing more expansive yes? That's why Morelos has to be better in possession as out of possession we are more likely to be caught on the counter
  12. Forget how much we paid for Morelos and look at the bigger picture....Morelos gave the ball away twice in the first half that resulted in McGregor having to pull off a save....on both occasions it was 1-0 and we got away with it....those mistakes are exactly the same type of mistakes that haunted us last season in dropping points...in all of those occasions the offending players were rightly criticised....are you now saying Morelos is above criticism because we never conceded on the back of his slack play?
  13. That's the nail on the head bud.....I predicted before a ball was kicked that we would have a mixture of 50 goals and assists from Hagi & kent alone.....so far they will be close to half way there already.....add in Arfield, Aribo & Tavernier and it's all starting to click
  14. I could have had a great weekend 9/10, 9/10 and Millwall fucking me over and a goal for sampdoria
  15. Fuck sake lads....some cracking wins in there and some right bad luck also
  16. He is no longer the main man and he clearly doesn't like it....he needs to realise that to win the league it's all about the squad now and everyone's contributions
  17. Happy with the team....I just had a feeling with the travelling that Morelos had done may have seen him rested....glad the wee man is starting but he will get booked today as one of his serial haters is in charge....fucking prick walsh
  18. Gerrard for me always seems to have an eye on up and coming fixtures.....I feel he will be keep Alfie, Kamara & Davis fresh for Thursday
  19. Helander back in for Balogun, Jack, Arfield Aribo a front three of kent, Roofe & Hagi
  20. Not sure Morelos will start today....coming back from Colombia I can see him benched to keep him fresh for Thursday
  21. Aye it's hard trying to get your head round him being a bent Federal Agent 👍
  22. I did it today....I was convinced I had stoke btts & stoke win....they went 2-1 up....went into check the line and it turns out I had backed Derby instead 😅😅
  23. I thought both were pretty decent.....I just struggled to get my head round tim from the office as an FBI agent in the start up
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