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  1. A few points of note.....record season ticket sales my arse An absolute stonewall penalty denied by who would believe it but Kevin fucking Clancy What the fuck was that United player thinking about in the 94th minute Lastly they are mince but that is unfair on mince in truth
  2. @LeeRFC73 Is in the ticket dealing business mate
  3. Was it not more a case that people would have weighed up his value to the team if someone had bid say 15 million....I don't think many were saying sell him as he is shite, it was more a case that he wasn't guaranteed a starting slot compared to say Morelos & Kamara TBF his assist stats to game time are fucking superb
  4. I would still rather have him available regardless of his slow start this season.....who knows we might not have drew on Sunday if Kent had been playing
  5. Tbf to the paedo that was the straightest shot he has had in yonks
  6. His pass to Roofe was sublime, he still sometimes takes to many touches but his assist rate for us is so important
  7. Clearly not suited in the same midfield as Davis I thought he was decent enough in the first half and a good bit better in the second half I like the fact he can get his body in front of his man to win the ball back....a good couple of 40-60 challenges won aswell.....starting to look better but still won't get carried away
  8. Good news....surprised at this tbh, I genuinely thought he was for the off, maybe it is to protect his price so no problem if we decide we sell next summer....Goldson needs to follow suit
  9. Totally disagree with the move thing....not at any point over the summer was there a feeling of discontent regarding us keeping players against their wishes...did we actually knock back any bids other than portos derisory bid for Morelos?
  10. Yes we are nowhere near our level but they have played 3 away from home and lost 3....let that sink in, we should however be pulling well clear
  11. I honestly don't see the point in him, he is either getting skint or he gives away cheap fouls....if Gerrard rates him more than Katic then that worries me
  12. That was my point, they still however would have been on the open platform as fans were arriving, no doubt someone would have shouted something derogatory and we would have been castigated in the media again
  13. I don't think they would have been doing our game, they would have done the papes game then most likely would have been replaced at around 7.45pm for coverage of our game....if bt were genuinely thinking of using those 2 as pundits for our game the club should have said so and basically told bt they were at it
  14. I know it's shite patter...but hoping we loose is a bit extreme
  15. All a bit stop start with his isolation period and then picking up an injury, whilst I agree with some posters that he looks a bit raw at times that has to be expected with such limited game time.....my concern will be that with Kent & Morelos missing on Sunday Sakala will most likely still be on the bench with Roofe & Wright most likely the replacements.....makes you wonder where the lad will get any sort of run in the team, only then can we make sound judgement....certainly has a Itten feel about it just now
  16. That's why we have a big squad, maybe get a chance to see something different, let's try and get Kent back fit and hopefully back up to last seasons levels as he is way below them just now
  17. I wouldn't like to see the letters you post mate.....it hit the bottom corner
  18. Disappointing 2nd half as we never really laid a glove on them, but realistically Lyon are better than us, plain and simple, they have international players from the top nations in football where our internationals are from middle of the road countries We certainly aren't anywhere near last seasons levels but Gerrard needs to find a solution to making us more forward thinking, Sakala is getting abused but what are people expecting when he hasn't even played back to back 90mins, if he is going to be a bit part player then realistically he will struggle the same as Itten did last season, Kent getting injured maybe force him into thinking differently....we need something different if I'm being honest
  19. He plays centre half for the number 1 rated international team in the world....he probably should in truth
  20. Fucking Barcelona are terrible, long way back for them to get remotely close to the successful sides in previous years
  21. Reports he is out with a slight strain and won't travel
  22. I was at that game....fuck me how bad was that defending for the 3 goals lost....thank fuck there was no social media in those days
  23. It certainly would have the same feel as when Souness left and Smith took over....could history repeat itself
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