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  1. That's the subs bench Tbf it caught me out at first
  2. Just been betting fivers at ascot so these two winners have me in front
  3. The heroes of GCC will be along shortly to replant them bud
  4. Anti English hatred being spouted.....no doubt the failed justice minister will be all over it
  5. Fabio Cardosa has signed for Porto apparently
  6. Think you might be getting mixed up with McGregor at left back mate
  7. One trophy is not a clear representation of how far the team had come though....when Gerrard took over we had just lost 9-0 on aggregate to the vermin.....3 yrs on we have restored Scottish footballs reputation in Europe single handedly, we absolutely moon walked the league this season and have made the filth our play thing where we turn up and beat them and then rip the piss out them.....Gerrard has restored all that whilst under the pressure of them achieving 10iar....he has earned my utmost respect
  8. He was signed around August time mate, I remember him playing against Bayer Leverkusen in Germany when we won 2-1....he was superb that night
  9. Not convinced he changed his own name to the specky liar
  10. Just to get this straight.....the bead rattlers who have constantly banged on to uefa about resolution (not sure what number) that we shouldn't be playing in Europe because we didn't have or shouldn't have a license now are asking UEFA to allow them to appoint a manager who doesn't hold an appropriate licence to manage in Europe so he can manage in Europe Absolute fucking brass necked as they come.....can't wait for some papish bastard to explain the difference and its not the same
  11. But you saw fit to back them -2 for a ton
  12. Their is a fanzone in Hyde Park apparently for the Jocks.....if the numbers are true they reckon at least 30k are going down....hope to fuck they take those heroes from the gcc down to clear up behind them
  13. Strange to bring Ake into the argument considering they sold him for £40 million?
  14. The first penalty they claimed Moreno had scored 12/12 this season and De Gea hadn't saved a penalty in the Premier league for over 6years.....I was certain that De Gea was going save
  15. You couldn't make this up.....some bead rattler on having a go at killie for getting relegated.....no sympathy for a club that gave Kirk Broadfoot a contract after he abused James McLean......Gerry from Kilwinning clearly doesn't have any issues with his own club giving the thumb a contract after he was convicted for racially abusing Rudi Skacel.....I've lost count of the occasions that the irony is lost on these thick cunts
  16. BD....is that Liam Gallagher on the right and Freddie Mercury on the left
  17. Luton....Kenilworth Road
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