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  1. 12 hours ago, plymouthranger said:

    Solid defender but didn’t really fit in with our playing style under Advocaat. 

    However, considering we eventually ended up with Konterman playing there, he certainly wasn’t the worst player at the time. 

    If I recall correctly we signed him quite late in the year, Murray often liked buying the fans an early Xmas present and Hendry fitted that mould as Scotland captain.

    There was also a bit of an ego thing about getting one over Jack Walker at Blackburn who had a rival business in the steel industry. Paying £4million was the fucking height of stupidity, but I don’t think you can lay the blame of that at Advocaats door

    He was signed around August time mate, I remember him playing against Bayer Leverkusen in Germany when we won 2-1....he was superb that night 

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  2. 2 hours ago, ForeverAndEver said:

    De Gea has conceded 36 pens in a row. 5 years since he saved one

    The first penalty they claimed Moreno had scored 12/12 this season and De Gea hadn't saved a penalty in the Premier league for over 6years.....I was certain that De Gea was going save:lol:

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  3. On 17/05/2021 at 15:58, plymouthranger said:

    Hillsborough was fantastic a few years ago. Really felt like you were back in the 90s in some sections. 

    Luton’s (name escapes me) is an absolute shithole. Away fans have to go through a terraced houses back garden to get in, Google it it’s something else. The stairwells literally go over peoples back yards. 

    One I was most disappointed by was St James Park, atmosphere was horrendous and the big stand at the end is freezing because it’s about 5x bigger than the others, the wind rips through you. 

    Luton....Kenilworth Road

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