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  1. Just for walking on the Queen's highway. The F word and the H word in the same line of a song - definitely used to apply to them.
  2. It is not the end of the discussion until it is known for certain who first thought of the idea to strip titles and put it in the agreement. Who decided which titles should be stripped? Originally they wanted to take the League Cups and Scottish Cups - the SFL said no, the SFA said wait and see. This is never going to go away until we know who was responsible. We all know who we suspect - someone that was getting all red and sweaty in an SPL meeting - but we need this INDIVIDUAL named.
  3. That's what I've been thinking the past few days. GDS had pointed this out but was dismissed because he is a crackpot. I wonder how much more of what he said back then will actually come out in the wash as being true.
  4. What's the story behind the paywall in the Herald regarding fans groups considering legal action? Who is the legal action against? I know we all have views on who it should be against - but who are they talking about in the story? How long do HMRC have until they submit their next appeal? I imagine any legal action would have to wait until that date had passed and they had given up on wasting the taxpayers money.
  5. Ibrox. http://www.scottishfa.co.uk/scottish_fa_news.cfm?page=2986&newsID=13408&newsCategoryID=1
  6. "I would love to hear CFC and the Dhims scream about this type of letter getting aired on the internet ,saying how it is confidential, stolen etc....Remember RTC blog that was feted with gushing praise by same ilk for releasing confidential HMRC documents. What goes around......" Annoying that Internet Explorer won't let me quote on this forum (and it still plays funny buggers when posting anyway). That was my first thought when I saw those latest letters - until I saw the links providing where the letters came from. These are publicly available on the internet if you know where to look - and
  7. That's how they've got away with it for so long. But now it is being taken away from their grip. They are outside Scotland now and I dare say some English Tories will only be too happy to put the boot into John Reid - but even better that the EC are now interested. Surely their grip doesn't stretch that far?
  8. She does not care about the abuse she receives from her own kind. This was an orchestrated effort by certain NUJ members to get Limmy jailed.
  9. STEPPS BOY - The Interim Accounts were out on the 4th March last year. Given all that was going on with enquiries etc they likely should be out earlier this year. I was looking back through Celtic's interim accounts (for their bank debt) and they are always out around the 11th February for a comparison. There is something seriously up with this forum - its spellcheck is hampering typing.
  10. I'm assuming there has to be an announcement when the 3% threshold is gone over. Is there also ones at 4%, 5% and 6% ? Then 12% ? If this is the case, could we assume then if there is no announcement then it is likely to be Laxey Partners (above the12% threshold) ?
  11. As one that heard the original broadcast I know that what he said was no worse than the abuse she has received from Tommy the Taxi lately or numerous other Celtic supporters. Will she go to the Police to complain about them? No. Will Alex Thomson do a piece on Channel Four News? No. Use the tactics they use against them.
  12. Is it a plastic pitch at Falkirk? Just adds to the unpredictability if it is.
  13. No - but it is worthwhile joining anyway to read and take part in the debate in the lobby while the show is going on.
  14. His contract is terminated - he can sign for whoever he wants.
  15. This will be fun if it goes to the BBC Trust again - before they said BBC Scotland was not biased against Rangers. Will they be able to say the same after BBC Scotland goes against their own findings?
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