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  1. Yeah they probably use actual real figures....and not whatever the clubs tell them like this peice of Jackanory
  2. What an absolute load of bullceltic...Official figures released show that Celtics attendances last year only fell by around 4500...while their lowest attendance was around 39000.....how the hell can they get away with fixing these figures like that....everyone to a man, including their own scummy support know what a lie it is. Rangers pretty much stayed the same as the year before, credit to the supporters. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-22541130
  3. Just wondered if anyone heard any news of how they are trying to shaft us this time ?
  4. RPFL Rangers Premier Football League. Basically all the reconstruction talk screwed Scottish Football up so bad that Rangers split and went their own way. 36 game League where we play ourselves home and away contnually, guaranteed huge attendances. When our European ban is done we will be the only league and team left in Scotland as the rest spontaneously combusted, so guaranteed Champions League Football
  5. yeah they are there, if you go to the scottish football homepage on the bbc, there is a little section for match highlights, scroll through that and Rangers games are there, not highly promoted lol....the east stirling game is there just now.
  6. Nothing new, they show the highlights already online under the current deal, so no more money than what we dont already get.
  7. I come in quite a lot, to read the latest chat etc, but dont automatically sign in, so I would appear as a guest i presume, probably find quite a lot are like that
  8. spl will reject it as they got a bloody nose....even if its a better deal...lets face it they are thick as feck
  9. must remember to duck
  10. only asked a legitimate question
  11. did they have their big meeting today.....to discuss how they were going to save themselves...ahem i mean scottish football....the one hamilton called ?
  12. STV saying someone has sold 50,000 shares today, that has to be a high percentage surely, but apparantly cant be Green as he is locked in and cant sell them for a year, until December...who then ? Wonder if we will ever get back to the days of talking about football.....did we ever ?
  13. Hamilton have apparantly called a meeting of all the 1st division clubs on Monday...SPL 2 to be discussed
  14. Talk about a bunch of overly Dramatic Queens on this forum.......Practically calling for heads to roll AGAIN. with one poor game......get a grip of your lives some people....sheesh.
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