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  1. Starting off light as want to be up to watch the boxing.
  2. Can you beat 3 players and score from the halfway line in a swimming pool?
  3. I love nights like this. Just wish we were all there singing and Dancing in the stands.
  4. He is a Big Beautiful Bastard and a Hell of a player!
  5. As I may have mentioned.... POT 1 MY ARSE!
  6. Mad man Tommy ranted for an hour! Major timplosion there.
  7. St Michael the Patron Saint of the Paras was my fave.
  8. Him and Neil McCann. Top cheesy grins!
  9. Taker's goodbye is sad as he deserves a crowd. Pall Bearer was a nice touch though.
  10. Our ad is Class compared to that shite.
  11. Kerryfail is Glorious these days
  12. This is as important a part of our history as the good times and must never be forgotten.
  13. It is the fact we are beating teams without hitting top gear pleases me. That and we can make 5 changes and the team intensity etc does not change.
  14. Very Happy today. We are playing as a solid team. Long may it continue.
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