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  1. This is why everyone should learn cpr. Better to know it and not need it.
  2. Oh here is hoping. Thank whoever that he is awake!
  3. George Russell is a bloody good driver. Would be a better fit.
  4. Well fellow bears, we are gonna need a shitload of booze and snacks to enjoy this close season. I would like to thank celtic for giving us something to enjoy till the fitbaw resumes.
  5. I would have been in advanced talks with them but I told them to fuck off.
  6. I feel sorry for covid. Get well soon Buff
  7. That goal needs an 18 certificate for the sheer obscenity of the football played.
  8. They are going to England pre season..... Hope there are enough union jack cushions.
  9. He is lucky he has not ended up in the dock over those tweets. Arsehole.
  10. By that token, should I be demanding top jobs due to a lack of women at the top of my profession?
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