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  1. Cantona would have been superb
  2. I remember not being able to face watching it and being in next on the Boucher road in belfast seriously depressed until my dad rang to tell me Motherwell had scored a second goal, a guy I didn't know overheard me and asked what had happened, I told him and next min him and I are hugging and jumping around in the jeans department with my mrs looking at me like I'd actually lost my mind! One of the best days ever to be a bear!!
  3. I like glentoran, along with ALOT of fellow bears over here
  4. This. Most sensible thing said on here tonight!
  5. My heads sore listening to that on alba tonight! Anyway, our team stinks of guys who think they are far superior to the opposition, and just have to turn up to win the game! Tonight proves otherwise! As somebody once said, "you have to earn the right to play" hopefully that tonight is the proverbial boot up the arse that has been required the last few weeks!
  6. Lol I know I thought the same myself, think it's a matter of principle to be honest, and the fact that he is, shall we say, careful, with his money, seriously though, just cause he is in NI why does he not get the £16 deducted from the ST same as the bears in Scotland who where at the east Stirling game? I'd also like to add that he is buying this ST in the knowledge that he won't get to many games and is infact giving it to a friend of mine who lives in Glasgow to go as often as he likes and as that was the case thought it unfair to buy a concession, cheers again for any feedback lads
  7. Just on the topic of ST's, my dad rang the ticket line to try and purchase a season ticket, he is retired and entitled to a concession, however wanted to buy a full ticket to support the club, and even though he had travelled over from NI to watch the east Stirling game and has his ticket to prove it, the guy on the other end said because he was from NI there was nothing he could do re deducting the £16 from the ST price even though my dad said he would post the stub/ticket over. Any suggestions on how to sort this problem out would be much appreciated lads, I told him I'd ask on hear as I was
  8. Think it means if u keep ur ticket stub as proof of purchase they will deduct the cost from ur ST mate
  9. Imagine, that me being from northern Ireland, could open a debate on religion! Lol, who would ever have thought it!!
  10. I think Doncaster should just come OUT of the closet!
  11. Lol!! Love it!! If ever there was such a thing as 'savrage' this is a fine example!!
  12. Forgot about that mate, they don't really like reasonably successful managers, just bitter, republican sympathisers with green teeth, ie: someone cast in their own image!
  13. That's strachan banned from the Stade de nonce then!!
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