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  1. Aye ok. I’ll join in. Sell him in the future for a zillion dollar. Play him in midfield so Tav can get a game. Get him in the Scottish squad. Easy worth 25 million, big clubs be q’ing up for the boy. Get him to the euros. Play him into the ground It’s the fucking same with every potentially great player we want great things yet forget it’s a careful transition that needs managed properly. so aye enjoy it but let’s not forget he’s 19 and if he has three shite games in a row the same folk will be in the wings waiting to shred him.
  2. He’s still developing. People need to calm doon
  3. Careful man management from one of the best in the game. young Patterson will only benefit if he screws the nut and doesn’t fuck off to a mid table win nothing English team for ten times his weekly wage.
  4. We shouldn’t try and fit players into the team for the sake of it. We should see it as two players for every position. The competition for places is a good thing for the team. It’s a really important factor to developing a winning mentality
  5. More often than not Kent’s running pulls players out of position as they try and defend. That space is then exploited. Doesn’t go down as an assist but is just as important
  6. Next interesting fact Shagger has saved more penalties in games against them than they have scored against us
  7. Nathan is exactly what Tav needs. let the battle commence
  8. Sky news reporting that talks are ongoing. here’s hoping
  9. Brilliant today. Consistency is his problem
  10. Mmmmm. I’ve been in Bar72 for 8 yr. excellent seat but not sure that double the money equals a free drink a program and fancy new surroundings. Tbf it was needing done up anyway
  11. Bar 72 now Club 72 has doubled in price to £2366 (£1972 + vat) fux sake. 😭😭😭😭
  12. Just had a scroll through Welsh’s Twitter. Deary me he is one horrible b@stard. He’s got a massive chip on his shoulder. Fuck knows why he has so many slevering followers. funny thing is, his feed is free of abuse 🤷‍♂️
  13. On the day the pubs begin opening in England the jakeball heads to Carlisle just over the border wearing training gear from two seasons ago just to go out and get pissed up. desperate and sad. He clearly needs help. So here you go Neil
  14. I’ll give you a lift over no bother 👍
  15. 16th May is trophy day. That’s a little over a month for restrictions being lifted in April to allow mass gatherings. not happening
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