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  1. Good quality stream here too http://nowfeed2all.eu/watch/501467/2/watch-rb-leipzig-vs-rangers-fc.html
  2. It's not about narrowing it down to what is wrong. As said above, everything is wrong. The question is, what is going to make it right? It's simple, if everything is wrong, then the solution has to start at the top. If King thinks the manager is going to fix everything, then King should not be there.
  3. I think the ideal situation I'm looking for for next season is to get fat ashley to fuck, the current board keep the club running smoothly and someone like Joe Lewis (or even a consortium) pump money into the playing side of things. I'm not sure how realistic that could be, but it's the best scenario I can see to take us further forward quicker. Like you say, it could take years at this rate and that just isn't going to be acceptable to the majority of fans.
  4. The scary thing is, I think what I said is exactly the case that is going to be. This summer should be a thing of excitement and us fans should be buzzing for the new season. Only King can make that happen and quite frankly I don't think he gives a shit. Under him, we need to go at least another season like this before we start to make any financial progress. In other words, he's investing fuck all and it will take 3,4 or 5 seasons before we have any money to spend on players, assuming we have euro football every year. King is trying to run us on a freebie and it will end in disaster, except f
  5. Europe scares me tbh. Not because we aren't at that level. More to do with King relying on money from it to invest in the team. If that is his plan, then next season isn't going to be very good either. It really pisses me off that a multi millionaire owner is solely relying on fans money and euro money to take us forward. I can understand that from a business point of view, but from a so called fans point of view? The cunt is having a laugh at our expense. Simply, we don't have a Rangers man at the healm, we have a greedy business man looking to cash in on his minimal investment.
  6. From the playing side, finish 2nd. That is worst case scenario and nothing less is acceptable. Our main objectives is putting together a squad for next season. If that fails, then we really are in trouble. So, over to you Mr King, whoever or wherever you are!
  7. I've wanted him gone for while. This season has been sore on the eyes and the frustration levels have been through the roof. However, I'm softening a bit and voted to give him more time. The reason being, yesterday proved one thing to me. We are not that far behind the nappy rippers, given that they have money and we don't. A few quality additions and we could run over the top of this league. My main concern right now is where do we get the money for those quality additions? King & Co are running out of time and need to come up with a war chest for the summer. I'm not fussed about th
  8. Gattuso. Could be doing with him right now, come to think of it.
  9. As much as I'm tempted, I don't want to repeat what I said ages ago.
  10. Born the same year as me and I'm a racist cunt. The lioniry
  11. http://nowfeed2all.eu/watch/494302/2/watch-hamilton-academicals-fc-vs-rangers-fc.html
  12. TBH, you would still be more safe if you danced about chernobyl in the buff for a week.
  13. Another typical scottish ref, shite! His bitches weren't much better. The time the linesman took to call offside was fucking horrendous and that was just today's game. The best game a scottish ref can have, is a lesser bad one.
  14. A ref giving a decision in our favour? I hope he has roller shutters on his windows.
  15. Sturgeon is an animal. Not sure what kind. Don't want to compare incase I insult nice animals.
  16. True story mate, we're going full ISIS on this shite league. If it means winning with 10 men every game, then so be it. Worth the sacrifice imo It was actually a comment Tom Miller made about Garner being a terrorist against the hertz defence. He gave them a torrid time.
  17. You've obviously missed a lot and need to catch up. Wee Baz got the ball in the box and lifted up his top to show a suicide vest. The jambo junkies shat it and he put the ball in the net. The flag stayed down, so obviously a legit tactic.
  18. I don't think it's as simple as just finding confidence. The amount of pointless passing sideways and backwards is no lack of confidence. Too much confidence is more like it and thinking they were head and shoulders above who we were up against. I think it's been more a wake up call for not just the players, but MW too. Hard work and fighting spirit is what wins games, not fancy passing and looking pretty. Get the basics right and the performances will follow.
  19. Which is more than you can say for his laptop (probably)
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