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  1. Like I said mate, I'm not disagreeing with you. I do see the irony though with you saying we forget the past, by bringing up the past. Well played
  2. I'm not disagreeing with you mate. When Tav is on it, he's one of the best. Right now though, he's not on it.
  3. Totally agree mate. He offers something different and has the quality to back it up. Same goes for wee Wright. A good run in the team will just see him getting better.
  4. Rubbish mate. If Tav tried to whip in a cross and a midget was the first defender, that midget is gonna have a sore face.
  5. Aye, I take that back. That was a silly thing to say.
  6. Guilty as charged, but defo not ashamed.
  7. Correct. Like Sket said, they rewarded my stupidity. Nice people at Bet365.
  8. Mate, I was pished and didn't know the layout of the forum and couldn't be arsed looking. If admin want to move it or delete it even, fair enough
  9. If you can't beat them.....
  10. I'm not denying that mate. I fucked up, pure and simple. I admitted as much when I spoke to Bet365. Aye, they could have told me to bolt, but they understood and took pity on me. So, fair play to them.
  11. The way I see it, I've gave them more (as we all have) than they have gave me , so they are still winning. If anything, I'm promoting good will. Can't be a bad thing, can it?
  12. I know that now. Lesson learned and all that.
  13. The dugs, the Sandy Jardine trap, trap 2. Blue background with a white number 2. Been kinder to me more often than not. Just sayin
  14. No, he bloody well hasn't
  15. Got my cash back, so not really that funny
  16. One being the big word here. Don't think it will work again
  17. Call it what you like. I got my dosh back. Couldn't give a shit about anything else tbh
  18. It's more our country. Their anti English pish they spout through our pathetic MSM try to make it look like it's theirs, but it's not.
  19. Will happily do so, but you have to promise to credit my account
  20. Just sussed it, I think...
  21. Right, how do I upload a pic to prove my evidence of victory?
  22. 1 in the queue. Here we fucking go
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