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  1. We must never let the bastards away with it
  2. Tie will tell. I'm now 4th in the queue.
  3. 5th. Shit soon gonna get real
  4. I'll fucking hold you to that mate
  5. I'll give it my best shot
  6. I'm 12th in the queue. If I get my dosh back, I'll be happy. It's clear the whole flutter pish is exactly that. No more betting for me
  7. It didn't say anything about winning the trophy. It just had Italy 12/1, draw 6/4 (guessing that one) and England 1/4. How the hell am I supposed to know what they mean without information saying different? There was no other specific information.
  8. I'm sure you're right mate. Hands up and all that, but as someone who hasn't got a clue about betting stuff, they should make it a bit more obvious. I just want my tenner back. Fuck the bet. They are scammers and nothing less imo.
  9. You're probably right mate. I'm not a kid, but as far as betting goes, I'm one of them little premature thingies
  10. Then why don't they state it to new customers? I just thought I would have a little fun because of the occasion and they took a tenner off me. At no time did I see a disclaimer or anything like that. They jusy took the money and fucked off basically. Then when the bet came up, they don't exist. I'm not fussed about losing my tenner. I'm raging at the way they just scam people. How can that be right?
  11. As far as I was concerned, it was Italy or England regardless. Pick who wins. Didn't see anything to the contrary.
  12. I know it's not Rangers related, but I don't see any other option for posting elsewhere. I took a punt on Italy at half time at 12/1. Bet365 are just ignoring it imo. Just wondering if anyone is in the same boat. They happily took my new card details, but not happy to pay what they owe to that card. Is there a logical explanation to this, as this is new to me? Cheers in advance.
  13. http://myfeed2all.eu/watch/768769/1/watch-Rangers-vs-stranraer.html
  14. The spoon burners have got nothing to offer. It's just a case of how many. We'll destroy them 2nd half.
  15. http://myfeed2all.eu/watch/764797/1/watch-hibernian-vs-Rangers.html
  16. http://myfeed2all.eu/watch/743057/1/watch-Rangers-vs-legia-warsaw.html
  17. http://myfeed2all.eu/watch/715203/1/watch-aberdeen-fc-vs-Rangers-fc.html
  18. https://www.vipstand.se/Rangers-vs-dundee-fc-live-sports-stream/1/
  19. As it stands, 2nd. Not quite the finished article yet, so who knows what improvements will be made. Not too overly optimistic though, as we are not in a position to sign anyone of proven quality. Still a work in progress and fuck knows how that will turn out. Surely it won't get any worse, so still somewhat optimistic, but not convinced.
  20. On what evidence? Have you seen the current squad playing? I get it's all about opinions, but the only people that know where we are at is the manager and his team. I'm confident they know what needs to be done. If it doesn't work out, we still need to back them if we believe we are going in the right direction. I believe we are and there are still lots of changes going to be made.Judge on evidence, not speculation.
  21. We've all doubted DK since he took the reigns, but how many of us have taken charge of a football club that (lets face it) was in deep shit? To think he was just going to pump millions in and make everything great again is the stuff of fantasy. I bought in to the "Dodgy Dave" stuff as well, but I'm happy to hold my hands up and admit I was wrong. He's proved me wrong thus far and I'm happy for him to prove me more wrong in the future. If we win 55 next year, he'll be the greatest thing since sliced bread. If we don't, DK,SG, GMc and everyone else will get told to do one and get replaced by more failures. We have a new beginning here, one that we can all buy in to and get excited about. I know, we've been there before blah blah blah. What is the alternative? Just write it off because it's DK? Then what? If Stevie G and his team are convinced, then that is good enough for me. If anything, it shows ambition and that is what we are all about. Yes, time will tell, but I'm right behind it. We have got a football legend in charge, a true winner, and he has got an amazing team round about him. They know what it takes to win games and they will expect nothing less. So. in my opinion regarding DK, lets judge him and the rest of the board after Stevie G's first season. If it's a successful one, there will be lots of egg on lots of faces.
  22. DOH, it helps our economy, obviously. The IRA and ISIS have bailed us out of some amount of shit with their terrorism. Them just being here is great
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