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  1. Sportsmanship in the grown up world? Yes, scottish football was very grown up and sportsmanlike when they thought 'Rangers are in trouble, lets all gang up on them and try to get rid of them, by finding them guilty, before they get found innocent'. Shaking hands, moving on and taking it on the chin? FUCK THAT AND FUCK THEM!
  2. Am I the only one that thinks that after Pedro had a glass of Portugal's finest with McInnes, he seems a lot more in touch with what is expected of him?
  3. I agree with everything, except the bold it. Fuck them! Why congratulate teams that hate us and proved they would stab us in the back the first chance they get?
  4. Listened to snyde on the way home from work earlier. Said Pedro would get £13m to spend on the playing squad. What about the midfield and strikers? Do we have to wait until next season for that?
  5. There is actually a street or something in china called that
  6. Not so sure. Orange + yellow = green.
  7. You're getting confused. You're thinking of his poor twin brother.
  8. Knowing our luck, we would end up with Hong King.
  9. That would be quite clever from a chinese point of view. The players would be promoting items on their menus, on their backs.
  10. Will Keane. Oops, that was on Fifa
  11. When is he going to start doing that then? I've been waiting for ages and still nothing.
  12. I agree he doesn't have the natural finishing instincts as Boyd. But, he has shown that he can do the job in the box with service. A big problem of ours is not providing that service, so not all JG's fault. I would definitely like to see him next season in a team that hopefully Pedro can build that creates chances. Not overly optimistic about that one though. Praying to be proved wrong.
  13. A bit Boyd like. He was a hero when he got the service first time round. Why can't JG? He's shown the last 2 games that he can finish from a cross, he's great for flick ons and is not as fat and lazy as Boyd. In a better team next season, he could score for fun.
  14. Words fail me tbh. He's the only decent defender we have.
  15. Raging CH isn't getting another year. It's not like we're going to be splashing out in the summer (eh Dave). Our defence has been our biggest problem and CH would be a solid guy to rely on next season. Another minus for Pedro there imo.
  16. I usually get a good one from here... http://myfeed2all.eu/type/football.html
  17. http://myfeed2all.eu/watch/540001/2/watch-rangers-fc-vs-hearts.html
  18. http://myfeed2all.eu/watch/540001/2/watch-rangers-fc-vs-hearts.html
  19. http://myfeed2all.eu/watch/540001/3/watch-rangers-fc-vs-hearts.html
  20. Exactly the point I was making. It's going on and nobody cares because it's not on the telly. Out of site, out of mind. It's nearly July and EVERY Bear should hang their colours on their house and tell anyone who is offended by it to fuck off. I like driving through Harthill around July time. It's lovely and colourful It would take a plod with elephant baws to tell them to take it down and he would still fail. No surrender
  21. I'm better than waghorn. Infact, my great great great grandad (whoever the fuck he is) is better than waghorn. Garner in the right team has got the ability to do what he is supposed to do, score goals. Not go chasing things and get pissed off because it isn't happening. Not justifying his behaviour, but if the players around him done their job, then he would do his own job by putting the ball in the net. If I go into work tomorrow and get told to do this that and the next thing, in my van, but fuel will not be supplied, is that my fault for not doing it?
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