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  1. I'd have that video on repeat before every game to inspire the team. To quote that gif. Sheer Fucking Hubris
  2. He's absolutely shameless. He actually says the pandemic has affected them more than every other club..... Was he talking about the zoom title win or the fake cup win?
  3. That we cunts tears were delicious
  4. If we do indeed win the league this year we should be ramping up the investigation chat again into last season. There was blatant corruption there for all to see, everyone knew it and even the tims laughed about it. Out of interest do hearts qualify for Europe next year? If not why not? Genuine question as I don't know.
  5. The cups a joke. It'll never get it's credibility back after what the SFA and tims forced through this year. We should ask if we can play that boy from Aberdeen and any other pre contracts we may sign.
  6. Let the shark toss commence
  7. That's not what they reported; they said both celtic and the sfa refused.
  8. Just on the news there that the tims have refused to be tested. Just waiting for Jerry Springer to walk out with a brown envelope.
  9. There is absolutely no way Griffiths doesn't have it. He's not washed his hands or cock since he got the first one up the duff.
  10. Don't think it was crazy, it was a tactical change. Isolate the weak link drag him out of position, get him wrong side.... and the rest, as they say, is history.
  11. Let the meltdown commence.
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