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  1. Unfortunately Colin, that is the way of modern football. Look at Sterling and Salah down south - almost every game they go over with as much drama as possible like they’re auditioning for some kind of performing arts class! The pundits even back them up: “he feels the contact and he goes down” 😡
  2. Remember when Gerrard said he was jealous of Ryan Jack's performance against Osijek back in August! Nuff said!
  3. Redsox, My main worry, is that they're stockpiling cash for when we get back. Selling their best players, and banking Champions League money. They should have a serious war chest for when we get back. We'll need some serious investment to compete, I reckon?
  4. You had me spooked there! I was wondering how you knew when I joined - thought you were stalking me! Just found out. Clearly I'm an old technophobe as well!
  5. Thanks dougie76, At least you can see what I'm referring to
  6. I was in the car this morning listening to the podcast of last night's 5 Live programme (don't download the BBC Scotland one any more, for obvious reasons!) and something happened that had me literally laughing out loud! In the middle of discussing their game against Barca and how Broon was stupid to get himself sent off, they had a caller from Manchester giving his opinion on the game. This guy described himself as a Celtic fan and, for the most part, was pretty reasonable in his comments. He then went on a bit of a rant about how the BBC in Scotland, on a night when they were playing Barcelo
  7. Mitre, The 12 month thing is simply a requirement of the annual Audit. Under one of the financial reporting rules, they are required to give their opinion on the company's ability to operate as a going concern for the next 12 months. Nothing specifically to do with Rangers, as such.
  8. Loving this guys. Laughed out loud at some of these comments - takes me back to my younger days! Who says nostalgia's a thing of the past? Following on from Dutchy's comment about the dusty Rangers end at Hampden, I can't be the only one who had some drunk bassa pishing doon the back of my leg instead of the empty that he was aiming for !? Do you remember when they used to stop the buses because of the expected vandalism and we had to walk to the game? "I'll walk a million miles...." Happy Days :-)
  9. Much ado about very little, in my opinion. It looks like the only thing the Herald journalist got wrong was the stage that the complaint process had reached. The woman for the trust only said that it hadn't reached them yet. i.e. stage 3. It could well be that it is currently at the ECU stage in the complaint process. That still qualifies as "being investigated by the BBC"
  10. There's one argument I don't think I've ever heard being put across to silence these idiots, and that is: If the corporate entity that entered liquidation in 2012 signalled the "death" of Rangers then surely that implies that Rangers were "born" in 1899, when the initial company was first incorporated? So what about the Rangers that existed between 1872 & 1899? I don't recall anyone (journalist or knuckle dragging, moronic fan of another club) ever stating that that was a different Rangers? Their "logic" doesn't stand up to any kind of scrutiny at all. (Not that we should be surprised with
  11. Ace, I had the same thought about adding my authentic Scottish accent, as requested by the guys. Only trouble is I'm not sure my tactical knowledge is up to their standard and I would just sound like a dick! Personally I like H & H the best. Bit more professional, generally, better edited and better produced. Having said that, I enjoy them all. Good to hear Rangers fans talking about Rangers rather than the pricks on the BBC!
  12. Spot on Ricky. With a CV like that in any other job, in any other industry, in any other COUNTRY, he would have been sacked long ago! ........but hey, this is parochial, wee Scotland!
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