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  1. We now live in a country where celtic supporters hold powerful, influential positions in public life. The Lord Advocate, Francis Mulholland and the Justice Secretary, Michael Mathieson being just two examples. We know BBC Scotland is blatantly, unashamedly anti-Rangers. As is the Daily Record. It's not a coincidence or an oversight that celtic as a club is protected while Rangers is demonised at every opportunity.. Thus, an innocent ten-year-old boy can be seriously assaulted, yet the allegiance of his attacker is only hinted at with no mention whatsoever of celtic. The Record prints the names of everyone arrested but the allegiance of the accused is only mentioned when he is a Rangers supporter. Again, no mention of celtic. We can make as much noise as we like on internet forums, but it's going to take a helluva lot more than that to stop this. It would be a start if Rangers made an official statement mentioning and challenging the imbalance in media reporting.
  2. McCoist thinks it's "exciting" to look out for Hearts, Hibs, Queen of the South's results because those results affect Rangers. For once, he is right. Those results do affect Rangers, but they shouldn't and they wouldn't if we had a manager who actually knew how to manage instead of a mediocre, self-regarding tv celebrity who just loves being in the spotlight too much to even think about doing the right thing and "walking away". With McCoist in charge the danger is that we might not get back to the top league at all, certainly not at the first time of asking.
  3. Really? So these "public sector employees" were just mere football fans innocently going about their day-to-day business meaning no harm to anyone.? Or, perhaps these "public sector employees" were in reality a shower of malicious, bigoted bastards who spent their working day striving to do as much damage to Rangers as they possibly could. People like you sicken me, pal. You really do.
  4. "Just because I didn't play in the game doesn't mean I wasn't affected by what happened" It worries me that Foster felt the need to make that comment. Of course he should have been affected because whether he played in the game or not is irrelevant - he is a Rangers player so it should go without saying that he was disappointed or angry at the result. His comment reads to me like something an outsider would say, someone who doesn't really feel part of the Club. Maybe there are others there who feel the same way - Law, Black, Templeton?
  5. He was only animated because he was passing on Smith's instructions to the team. It's now obvious to most people that McCoist does not know what to do when things are going wrong on the field. All he can think of is unfolding his arms for a few seconds to clap his hands and shout encouragement at the players.
  6. That is the kind of post a bigoted fuckpig like Angela Haggerty would write. For your information, you trendy, new-age, tree hugging wanker, VB was not involved in planning or participating in anything that happened in George Square last Friday night. It's a sad day when a so-called Rangers supporter is so eager to parade his right-on credentials that he does the work of scum bastards like the afore-mentioned Haggerty. If you took the time to do some research into the events of last week you would know that the trouble began when a bottle and then a green flare was thrown from the "yes" crowd, which contained several well-known Irish Republican's and members of ǝpɐbıɹq uǝǝɹb ǝɥʇ. Stop being a "Useful Idiot" for Christ's sake.
  7. It says much more about McCoist's abilities.
  8. It's worrying that some people still defend McCoist by stating "look at all the problems he's had to face". What problems? We lost our best players, certainly, but we were demoted to the bottom league facing players inferior to those we still had. It was Annan we were up against, not Arsenal. So I'll ask again, what problems on the pitch relative to the divisions we were in, has McCoist had to endure over the last two seasons?
  9. A lip-reading expert wasn't required. Kenny Miller could clearly be seen shaking his head and saying "I don't know" to several Rangers players.
  10. “Celtic are missing the competition of Rangers, though I don’t take any satisfaction in that,” said McCoist. Well, you fukkin should. And if you really were a Rangers supporter, you would. But McCoist is only a Rangers supporter when it suits him to be.
  11. What a great guy Ally is,eh? A professional football manager offering praise and encouragement to the opposition just before we play them.. Let's hope he's made plans to deal with "big Colin Nish up front". McCoist is an imposter, an amateur masquerading as a professional.
  12. "A bumpy ride" is McCoist's way of saying "don't expect us to beat Falkirk tonight".
  13. You must be a heavy sleeper. Because you've missed the last two years of watching utter shite on the pitch, presided over by a guy who is now actively damaging the Club.
  14. Yep. And the question that is never publicly asked by journalists, commenters and politicians is - "why?" Why do these people hate Rangers and everything commected to Rangers so much? Is it because of the Billy Boys? The yahoos can sing in praise of IRA atrocities, they can take delight in mocking the 66 who died on Stairway 13, but when they hear the Billy Boys it upsets and offends the poor souls so much that they develop a pathological hatred for Rangers that they carry around with them to their dying day. Really? A song can do that? Is it because traditionally Rangers never signed a multitude of Roman Catholic players? Leaving aside the fact that 99% of RC's would choose to sign for Celtic anyway, was it Rangers so-called "sectarian signing policy" that caused such deep distress that turned to hatred among the RC community? Really? They can dress it up any way they like, but most of us know the real reason for the hatred. Celtic supporters and the RC population in general hate Rangers and Rangers supporters because we are predominately Protestant. And that makes them sectarian bigots which is why the Scottish media will never speculate on it.
  15. So, following on from BBC Scotland presenting Angela Haggerty (HNC in Journalism from Cardonald College) as a legal and financial authority on the workings of HMRC against Rangers, we now have a BBC Scotland "comedy" show featuring Ibrox Stadium at the top of a wish-list of places to be blown up. But hey, no worries, it's only a bit of fun..........
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