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  1. Kamara had loads of time to dig that at the death there but shat out of it.
  2. Got a feeling we're going to try hold the 1-0. There goes another 6 months off my life expectancy.
  3. Need more movement, Lundstram had few options there, need runners. Get Alfie off ffs.
  4. Alfie getting no luck. Honestly, feels like every cunt has been getting lucky blocks 5+ times every fucking game.
  5. Has devlin been booked yet? He's done cunts about 5 times
  6. Is Halkett the same one that was on our books a few years back?
  7. Cheers lads, I don't have any social media so had no idea. 👍
  8. How in the name of fuck did we not get a shy? And a fk for them ffs?
  9. Aye Milan were quality at the time but I just think we were destined for it, the stars were aligning for us and we had the bit between our teeth, until brown envelope FC that is.
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