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  1. Picked up on a few posts of yours in the DE H&H topic are you a lawyer yourself?
  2. Hopefully the drink spilled in the car to catch him mate but you are right it would be very difficult to fucking prove that. Very tragic
  3. If they find the car he drove in though evidence will be all over it. driving seat and the outside of the car etc. He is pretty much fucked. even his clothes fibres from the driving seat will be on clothing and same way with the seat of the car. The police will find everything to nail the bastard down hopefully. A young dad as well with a future ahead of him i could shed tears even thinking about it. Sad sad days.
  4. Is there a justgiving page for the young lad that was killed would like to make a small donation?
  5. Celtic thought they had a steal and where lapping it up over Social Media we got rid of him for a reason! Young lad thought he was a ready made pro. Hope his porridge is nice and lumpy and has a good time playing for barlinnie FC. RIP to the young dad that was killed 🥃💙
  6. Just forget a packed out Ibrox against the tims couple of weeks ago then.
  7. Hostile environment you are right because we are playing fucking shite.
  8. poor poor you are right we need to put up a fight. 1 goal 2 goal Rangers scoree lets hear the Ibrox ROAR!
  9. it will always be here until i get a ban so please leave me alone man
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