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  1. Or could someone just change dae to say. Title sorted.
  2. The Sports Minister has just announced that, due to the emotional trauma that this will cause to celtic, they are to be awarded an additional 2 league points
  3. Hope this just the first salvo. They may be keeping some of their powder dry for batting back the responses.
  4. 7/10 quite happy with that although I have to admit at least three of them were pure guesses. 😎
  5. I remember years ago speaking to one of the old guys in work about midweek football way back then. He said that most games were played on a Saturday afternoon (no surprise there) but, if there was a midweek game, it would be played on the Wednesday afternoon because there were no floodlights in those days. Apparently, many factories would work a Saturday morning to make up for the fact that they basically shutdown on a Wednesday at lunchtime if there was a game on that day. For example, we played Morton in the SC Final replay on the 21st April, 1948 which was a Wednesday. That g
  6. Good point. The only other possible reason then may have been flight paths.
  7. I always thought Abbotsinch was the name of Glasgow Airport before they called it that. Renfrew was a wee diddy airport that closed in the 60s when the big new one took over.
  8. Was there not a wee airport at Renfrew back in the day which may have been the reason?
  9. That’s a pretty good summary. I agree that we have a potentially good squad but too many of them are lightweights who can’t handle any sort of burden on their shoulders. It’s like buying an airfix kit, you’ve got all the pieces but you can’t come up with the finished article because you forgot to get the glue. I think Gerrard’s first mistake was making Tav the captain. I like him but he’s never a captain in a million years.
  10. That's the worst Haka I've ever seen. They seriously need to practice that. 😜
  11. Liewell has just heard that one of the Copenhagen fans was wearing odd socks. This is in direct contravention of a new UEFA rule that he is going to make up tomorrow. Selik will be awarded the match 3-0. All fair and square.
  12. Didn’t realise we’d lent big Aribo to Copenhagen for the night. 😂😂😂
  13. Question for BNB... Will the new Supreme Court decision be valid for all new cases brought irrespective of when the abuse actually took place?
  14. I'd happily pay £600 to avoid ever owning that.
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