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  1. Last season was the freak from Goldson. He was a bombscare before then and is now back to his normal poor standard.
  2. Agree - it's obvious that the heads go down when we lose a goal and Tavernier in particular looks deflated. He has many attributes, but he's not a motivational captain who is able to rally the team when things are not going well. The other senior players used to fill the gap here, but it's been noticeable in recent games that this has been missing.
  3. Dave Smith at Ibrox against Aberdeen, 1968.
  4. I was wrong about Barrie McKay. Based on watching him with us for far too long, and despite the predictions of those who claimed he would be a star in England, I predicted that he would drift down the leagues there and end up coming back to play with St Mirren. Instead, he drifted down the leagues and came back to play with Hearts. Super goal at Hampden apart, he was a waste of space.
  5. Assume that Barry Ferguson will continue to 'write' for the rag that employs all these bigots?
  6. I love the fact that not only do the Scottish sports 'journalists' and broadcasters' have no clue about our transfer activity (in or out), but they apparently have no idea which players have travelled for our European fixture. Keep them in the dark.
  7. What a night indeed! I was on the Broomloan terracing for the semi-final. I can remember it very clearly - the goals, Beckenbauer and Maier arguing with each other, Bud Johnston sitting on the ball ...
  8. I was 11 at the time of the Fairs Cup game. I remember Muller getting loud boos because he had said in an interview before the game that he would rather play against Ronnie McKinnon than against Billy McNeil. We were in the main stand, and I remember everyone round us going nuts after the free kick goal because the referee looked to have given a signal that it was indirect. Colin Stein scored our goal, but we went out 2-1 on aggregate.
  9. Saw him play against us at Ibrox twice - the 1-1 draw with Bayern that eliminated us in the 1970 Fairs Cup (think he scored their goal direct from a free kick that the ref appeared to give as an indirect free kick), and the Cup Winners Cup semi final. Powerful, low centre of gravity, and part of an outstanding team. Loved watching him and Beckenbauer.
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