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  1. Seriously underrated though, I think.
  2. Plus, I think Smith was always seriously under rated
  3. Fair enough, but look at some of the other names being mentioned here ... (!)
  4. Dave Smith. Very classy left half.
  5. Games like this should be about improving the goal difference. On that basis, this has been a lost opportunity.
  6. Fact that this game is still at 0-2 is actually quite poor. This team should have been destroyed.
  7. Should be about helping the goal difference now.
  8. I thought the ball was meant to run smoothly on the plastic ...
  9. This is the same game of football I have been watching since. January.
  10. Same old pattern. Lots of pressure, slender lead. The diddy team gets to 75 mins and that's mission accomplished for them because they have a chance to sneak a draw. We need to put these teams away much, much earlier in the game.
  11. This. Let's have no more talk about signing this guy. He is mediocre.
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