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  1. Ridiculous statement by Kennedy. 'Dominant but not winning the game' was Rangers in that League Cup Final against them.
  2. Considering everything else that happened this week, I'll settle for this.
  3. Excellent result. Craigan, Rae, Hutton and McCoist the worst collection of pundits ... Four guys in the pub.
  4. Ignore them. They need us much, much more than we need them.
  5. Dundee United are a pub team. Can't string two passes together.
  6. I would expect nothing more from a guy who played in a band that mocked the Ibrox disaster. Low-life scum.
  7. celtic and the SPFL are one and the same. It's not a 'separate entity'.
  8. Not the point. She is on Twitter constantly about utter trivia, yet, as the MSP for the area including Ibrox, and as First Minister, she could find nothing to say to commemorate the biggest sporting disaster in Scotland's history. Disgraceful.
  9. She came to the 40th, but clearly did not want to be there
  10. She's making new announcements about tightening up the Scottish lockdown. She's always desperate to take Scotland a stage further than England. How much further can she go with the Scottish lockdown? Football is an obvious target, especially if she is encouraged by her Justice Minister. Nothing this woman does would surprise me
  11. Hatred for Rangers and the club's support base.
  12. She completely ignored the 50th anniversary. Partly influenced by some of her colleagues and supporters, partly on her own initiative, she clearly hates Rangers, so what's the betting that she now finds a convenient excuse to suspend the Scottish football season?
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