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  1. To be fair, some things should be left at home 😂
  2. That’s the thing about the world we appear to be living in these; you can physically hurt someone just don’t hurt their feelings or offend them. It’s a weird place right now.
  3. This is probably the best way to look at today. While not trying to paper over obvious cracks, maybe a bit of perspective is required just now.
  4. Aye, fair play to them they’re hanging on in there and staring down the abyss without a shark in sight. But I think once the first domino falls they’ll go into meltdown. It feels like they’re really trying to hold out until things start to improve for them, knowing that once the criticisms start it becomes a chain reaction like last season. But i think if they get to November/December with a lot of shite results and then a New Year OF win for us the house will come tumbling down. Here’s hoping that’s how it plays out.
  5. Yeah, I have to say that while I don’t usually mind Gerrard’s honest assessments of the opposition I thought there was maybe a wee bit too much emphasis put on how good Lyon are. I don’t know if he’s telling the players the same thing but it did seem like the team was just lacking a bit of belief last night.
  6. To be fair, I don’t think McGregor had a particularly busy night either. Folk can argue either side of “worldly v poor defending” debate for their first but aside from the save at their second and a couple of punched balls in the air I can’t remember Shagger having much to do. This isn’t aimed at you, but can’t people just accept that we came up against a better team? I thought everybody tried hard last night but Lyon are a good team and played better. I don’t know where I sit on the side of the fence re: them being a step above us. But I think that if everything came together we have the beating of them. But it would need top form from everyone and all the wee slack passes etc. to be cut out.
  7. Totally agree. Sometimes there’s just one player on a particular day who manages to manipulate your weaknesses or you can’t quite manage to overcome your weaknesses against. O’Halloran is pish but with phenomenal speed and he had a good day today. Helander’s usual strength in positioning and reading of the game just wasn’t quite at it today. Folk need to remember everyone has an “off day” or at least makes some mistakes. When you’ve played the game at any level yourself you can appreciate these things more.
  8. I remember I was at an event about 3 or 4 Christmases ago and she came on. I’d never heard of her before and thought she was absolutely terrible but put it down to her just being a part-time comedian - like the folk you could be unlucky enough to come across at The Fringe and never hear of again. Fast forward a few years and I see she’s becoming a bit of a name in Scottish comedy and I cannot for the life of me understand how.
  9. Am I the only person that thinks Defoe could be a shout for Sunday? His finishing is second to none and as much as I love Alfie his finishing is pretty mediocre and it’ll be important to put away the chances we’ll inevitably get and I have more confidence in Defoe than Alfie to bury a one v one.
  10. This is my hope - although I appreciate that’s the stuff of make believe, or Fergie tactics 😂
  11. I appreciate last night was a massive disappointment and feelings were running high last night post-match and even into today. But there’s a hell of a lot of folk popping up with doomsday OPs and replies like they’re trying to stir shit. I’ve seen a few “I’ve heard rumours there’s something going on in the background” pishy replies. A bit suspicious.
  12. Mine’s just seems to have issues when I expand it to full screen 🤷‍♂️
  13. Is anybody else having buffering issues with the RTV stream?
  14. To be fair, the papers never really report on friendlies either way for any team. I only really noticed it a few years ago. With friendlies being so hit and miss they’d be a minefield to report on anyway.
  15. I think that’s alright. But has another company taken the slogan “Set your own limits”? If not, I wish 32 Red would change it. The addition of that one word makes it far better.
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