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  1. That’s the thing I don’t get about Barker. When I was playing football if someone had a barnet like that they’d have been getting ripped pretty much constantly until they finally buckled and shaved it. Is nobody in that team slagging him off about it? Maybe he’s hard as fuck and they’re all scared of him 😂
  2. Probably coz they’re all teenagers and think 21 is old.
  3. In all the years of this forum how often, if ever, have there been transfer rumours posted which have turned out to be true?
  4. I’ll admit, I’m biased as RC was my favourite non-Rangers player when I was growing up. But what a goal though. Zidane’s CL goal was something else mind you.
  5. I wondered where your name came from. I thought it was your initials, like Eminem, so S and O. Anyway, the best goal ever is the Roberto Carlos freekick against France. The distance the ball travels and the and way it curves is just phenomenal. It’s just a pity that it wasn’t a competitive match.
  6. That’s true, man. But how else are we supposed to effect change? I’d always hoped that the rest of the teams would get fed up with the beasts running away with everything and turn on them like they did with us. But it just feels like every other time is happy with their lot. We’ve suffered an incomprehensible amount damage as a result of 2012 and we’ve got a mammoth task ahead. I always felt travelling up the leagues wasn’t the challenge. It was only the journey TO the challenge. It’s only once we got to the Premiership that we started to climb the mountain and we’ve got a way t
  7. Although you could say we’re stuck between a rock and a hard place because by and large Hearts are our only “allies” in this league so if we vote no to it and they go down then they could take it personally. I know, I know their fans joined in with the rest in 2012 etc. But from all the Hearts supporters I’ve ever met they are the only team which at the very least dislikes the minks more than they dislike us - which, sadly, makes them allies of a sort. This will probably be met with something like “we’re Rangers we don’t need to keep anybody on side etc.” but I’m sorry that’s bullshi
  8. Exactly this. The scum have drip fed this narrative that somehow the anti-Catholic songs etc. means that Rangers as an entity are racist. They probably also link the Unionist element to all this bullshit narrative about Imperialism and racism as well. Right now they are holding a lot, if not all, of the cards and we need to start challenging their lies. I always thought that Asians stayed away from us and supported them because of that but I don’t really know any Asians to ask them if that’s true.
  9. I was young when they were here (about 10) but I just remember getting this feeling of absolute surety that whenever Laudrup got the ball he’d either score or set-up a goal. He just looked like nobody could ever get the ball from him.
  10. I hope I’m wrong, but the concern I have is that all we have is a lot of circumstantial evidence and testimonies/personal accounts from particular chairmen and that’s why we’re asking for an investigation rather than us just presenting loads of solid evidence of corruption/coercion and then saying: “how’d you like them apples?”. Given the strength of the influence the paedo hiders have on the media any circumstantial evidence will be played down to the max and the persons who spoke up behind closed doors would do their best tortoise impression when asked to give their personal account in
  11. I know I could be accused of being biased but this is surely one of the best free-kicks of that decade. Taking into account the distance and that a few inches either way and it would’ve either hit the post or the keepers hand this is an absolutely phenomenal hit.
  12. I’d be interested to know what this model was based upon. Did it factor in that 2 of the remaining games are against each other and that in the last two outings we battered them? As has been waxed lyrical on here that 13 point deficit could realistically be reduced to 4 points with a win against St Johnstone and 2 wins against Them. Fair enough nobody seemed to be able to take points off Them prior to this and it would take a total capitulation on their part but 4 points against the top 6 doesn’t seem quite so insurmountable. Although I’ll admit I’m being a bit cavalier with my logic
  13. I agree with you but we’re the only ones that will really care and that lot have such a brass neck it won’t bother them. After a year or so the party line from all bar us would then be “well, they were well in front anyway and Rangers were totally off form and couldn’t have clawed it back.”. That would become adopted across all the supporters of other clubs. The bheasts have had 9 years of practically unrivalled titles and nobody bar us really cares. So the other supporters wouldn’t really care if the micks’ title (and at least 4 of their preceding titles) are tainted.
  14. The issue I have is that logically if you give them the winners’ prize of the CL spot then what argument is there against giving them the league? That isn’t me saying I think they should get the league. I just don’t see how you can give them the spoils of winning the league but say they haven’t won the league - even on a theoretical basis.
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