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  1. To be fair, the papers never really report on friendlies either way for any team. I only really noticed it a few years ago. With friendlies being so hit and miss they’d be a minefield to report on anyway.
  2. I think that’s alright. But has another company taken the slogan “Set your own limits”? If not, I wish 32 Red would change it. The addition of that one word makes it far better.
  3. Glad to have it confirmed as bullshit. Deluded, arrogant cunts.
  4. Cheers. I was a lad during the NIAR years and while I remember a few times where The Goalie kept us in games I remember more Laudrup, Gazza, McCoist and the rest ripping them and everyone else a new one - particularly Laudrup. Then as you say, when Advocat came in we had by far the more technical team. Even those times where they’ve been better than us and won the league (not counting the past 10 years) I’d never say there and thought they were a great side and we just held on through grit and determination. But I wasn’t sure if that was just my bias. I had heard this “Sellic wa
  5. Ah right. Genuine question: Am I that biased that I’ve never noticed this? Or am I right in thinking this is a complete fabrication? Granted I only ever really watch them when we’re playing them or once in a blue moon if they’re playing a team in Europe who is likely going to batter them. They’re the second best team in Scotland so of course they’re going to play free flowing football against the rest of the dross. And, aye, ok there have been OF games where our keepers have won the game for us. But that doesn’t mean they’re some majestic, pure footballing wonders. These people
  6. By the way, what the fuck does that even mean? Is this some bullshit they’ve fed themselves about how great the football is they play? Like they’re Barca or something?
  7. I hope this gets the credit it deserves 😂
  8. While I agree with this I’d have liked to see how this game would’ve panned out if they hadn’t been a bunch of cheating pussies and diving at every opportunity. We’re by no means a dirty/physical team but they were dropping like flies so that we couldn’t even tackle them. It was effectively non-contact and we were handicapped. I think man for man there isn’t anything between the two teams and if we’d actually been able to put in a challenge it would’ve been a much different game. I watched a bit of the Arsenal v them game to see if they were up to that with them but it didn’t s
  9. Seeing the aggregate against Kilmarnock splits my opinion. On the one hand I think that a league needs all sorts of teams and it’s up to us to adapt our game to overcome. But on the other hand it’s indicative of the absolute shite, hyper-defensive football they play on that horrid plastic pitch and I’m glad they’ve been relegated.
  10. To be fair, when I saw that video I had my head in my hands. Then I saw that wee Asian guy who sings that song outside Ibrox after the games behind her then I wondered if there’s some context behind this that’s been cut from the video. For example, has that wee dude been singing that and she’s joined in? I don’t know what kind of nuance or mitigation that would be mind you.
  11. I hope they do show that to their new CEO. I can imagine his reaction would be slowly saying “Jesus Christ!” (while putting thumb and index finger to forehead) 😂
  12. It’s so pleasing to see them go through the shite we had to in previous seasons when we had players coming out with these pishy sound bites about winning games without then being able to actually win them.
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