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  1. The one's that really fucks me off are the jambos. Always liked them. Loads of jambo mates when I was a kid. Good band boys. Prestonpans was always a great day out. Now. It seems they fucking hate us. Don't like having an enemy of other proddies. We have enough on our hands as is.
  2. I've just read that statement twice. ' a tactic I've only seen in Northern Ireland'. Hmmmmm.. They are really going for it. Bastards
  3. Just in from watching that after traipsing all over St Helier trying to find somewhere to fucking watch. Thank you the Yacht! We need a striker. Some great football. No finish.
  4. Temple Jersey. Been trying to divert myself all day. Hopeless. ..
  5. They serve beer at Millwall. Don't really see how it could get any worse....... Good day out .........
  6. Scottish first? No I don't think so. I guess I just grew up there and was given a sense of national identity as a kid. Hence I am Scots. If you were born and grew up in India would you be a pakistani?
  7. Been watching this one from afar. I can't vote as I don't live there. But i was born and grew up in Scotland. I consider myself a Scot. As do my parents, etc.............. My family minister, preached regularly against them up the road....... But i remember a very Scottish education. i am a Scottish boy first and foremost. Loyal to the Crown. But Scots. I have really thought about this... scary shit but We should make the jump.
  8. Surely not Brighton!! Where did this come from? My fav weekend party town and that horrible little ratbag is in the running......... Naw!!
  9. Actually sad to see the wee cunt go. For lots of reasons... not least the entertainment factor. I had always hoped he was going to have a total meltdown on the touchline. On Sky.... Ah well.......
  10. I've been looking back at that team....... Gary Stevens.......
  11. He got sent off v Hivs on his debut at Easter Rd. Or maybe i've had a few.
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