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  1. The way we've been playing, I think play-off's at best.
  2. Our club needs an enema to expel the utter shite that is our team.
  3. I was one of them mate, but let's not forget he inherited this team.
  4. Here's me thinking we were invincible under McCall. Brought back to earth.
  5. Why are some people disappointed with this news? He is a bomb scare at the back; you know that he's probably going to make at least one major fuck-up in each game. We might get away with that from time to time in the lower leagues, but when we get up there, hopefully next season, we'd get fucked royally with him. Nice guy - shit player.
  6. But we haven't, we've been a piss-poor 'amateur' team at times. We should have cantered a lot of the games this season but it didn't happen. With McCall at the helm, your minimum should become the norm.
  7. This. At this rate, we'll hit the ground running next season if we go up.
  8. Enjoy your party day, Hearts.
  9. Absolutely. With the zero-tactics hoofing the ball up predicability from the past managers, and the severe lack of fitness, we would have been fucked by them. We know things are changing, and so does the other teams. Resurrection Sunday couldn't be more apt.
  10. It does mate; you can see the first two games were finding his feet/getting a feel for the team. The last two games have seen a huge improvement and I don't reckon that's fleeting. We're becoming a team to be feared again.
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