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  1. Tremendous news. Gives him CL exposure and security. Gives us a fantastic full back and captain who is tied down and a very sellable asset for several seasons more. Brilliant.
  2. We well and truly dodged a bullet with this shitebag.
  3. Our. Fucking. Captain. Hero. Legend.
  4. Getting him telt and mocked is peak Boydie material 😆
  5. He wouldn't have been sacked. He not a quitter. It doesn't matter a fuck now 😁
  6. Can't remember you being the negative,.critical sort...
  7. Fucking game getting in the way of amazing tarrier trolling on Twitter 🤣
  8. He still has no idea how off the scale this title win is going to be.
  9. Always believed in him. He deserves every accolade, bit of praise, medal, financial reward etc coming his way. Stevie G - Legend.
  10. They had to be seen to do something given he was red carded but the fact its not a 2 game ban shows they know Beaton fucked up.
  11. Beaton is a cunt. At least 2 penalties not given. Arguably 3. Booking Alfie for being fouled. Manager red carded for asking for explanation and being told to speak to him inside despite them going into different stands. Booking Shagget for time wasting when I don't even think the sub was off the park. This display tonight and what we've seen over recent seasons shouldn't be ignored just because we're winning. It's fucking wrong and again we're dealt with harshly- for things a mob across the city get similar decisions going for them.
  12. Donation made. Thanks as always for organising this guys 👍
  13. His jersey against Livi then see what happens with injuries and suspensions.
  14. Scenes from the taigs if we got a bye due to covid 😂
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