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  1. Just bought seasonticket for cd7 £420. Never renewed a couple of seasons back cos my girls kinda lost interest in going. Asked what the total sold was and it's just under 38,000. Now can't wait for the season to start
  2. I haven't posted for a while so apologies. But i seem to remember the good times under murray. The souness revolution,could you imagine going out and buying the England captain and goalkeeper in this day and age plus other english international's. Plus the if they spend a fiver we'll spend a tenner speech. Murrays final legacy to the club wiped out the good things he had done previously imo,but would i swap it ,i really dont know because i remember the feeling of superiority with the signings and there was none of this 2nd and 3rd offer nonsese the player appeared at a press conference having
  3. In my humble opinion hearts discipline will be their downfall. Six player's booked last week and four/five booked this week with a red card into the bargain. I watched last week's game and they were far more the aggressive/competitive team but with rate of cards they're picking up it can't continue, soon with suspensions biting into a small squad the wheels will come off
  4. Guvnor in all the time I have supported my team never once have I boo'd them off the park or slated them in public and this includes the John greig days .After today I am at a loss , I bust my ass to pay for my 3tickets in the broomie rear and after today's performance I'm left wondering why, they have everything handed to them on a plate.State of the art training facilities yet we can't beat a poor 1st division team
  5. It dont fill me with pleasure to admit it but yes it takes getting beat by a poor 1st division team to admit enoughs enough
  6. Imo they all count. They chose to put us in these divisions and we won them all fairly and squarley. So like the championships the Ramsdens cup should sit proudly with our other achievements (when we win it)
  7. Can't argue with one word of that. I see myself as a moderate but I'm getting totally fed up with the media whores who run constantly to the papers and put a negative spin on anything the club has done but the most annoying part is when they claim to be the fans spokesman, sorry not in my name
  8. For being a wee fella he wins most headers and unlike some he's never posted missing ie always wanting the ball even when we're playing poor but ffs wee man cut out the shots at goal you're gonna hurt somebody in the broomie rear
  9. A fund which started out as a credit to the Rangers family in the clubs hour of need has now become an embarrassment .With greedy shysters trying to claim their piece of pie to blow their over inflated a**** up the greasy pole. Well shame on the lot of you . You've created a civil war with bear on bear in fighting and ORDINARY fans looking about for someone to trust
  10. Just downloaded it on my Samsung ,cheers. Freezing at times but I reckon thats due to my signal, great freebie
  11. Anybody who's got a soft spot for this bunch wants to go onto the jkb website.It has over 1000 page's on scotlands most successful team and its updated on a daily basis , every post is full of hatred and jealousy so I've no compassion for them in fact I would love back to back relegations for these kid on proddies
  12. But why are they given such a large platform to spout their agendas? Surely someone in higher management can see it's no longer a case of public interest its now become a vendetta
  13. Sorry for the complete ass I made of my reply(new tablet) IMO opinion the flag display at kick off looked good but when you have two opposing sections trying to compete against each other with different songs and both struggling to succeed then I do think it weakened both camps
  14. yeah watched the highlights this morning on TV and saw Wayne Rooney getting hit with objects from a section of palace's support ,who had to be surrounded by stewards IMO give me penny arcade anytime
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