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  1. Heard this recently and find it hard to believe. Who was behind this one if it's true? Sounds like a good idea. Maybe we can replicate it in other (loyal) towns. Remember seeing red, white and blue curbstones in Bridgeton years ago on a flying visit home. Perhaps these days people would be offended.
  2. Jock Wallace was the Berwick Rangers keeper when they bested us 1-0 in the Scottish Cup in 1967. Never knew he was such a bluenose until much later but a right loyal one he was. I've heard that he was a very fair man to all players especially young players of any of the clubs that he was connected with.
  3. Just watching "To Sir With Love" this morning which features signature song by Lulu. Remember reading somewhere years ago that she was a Rangers fan. True?
  4. Jimmy Nicholl was born in Canada, eh? Hamilton, Ontario to be precise. A city can never have too many one way streets.
  5. As a player, Dalglish always frightened me as a celtic player just like Larsson did in more recent times. Dalglish was the ultimate pro - he never smoked nor drank and was supremely fit. Not sure how many World Cup tournaments he actually played in - three or four? I'll bow to the commentary in the thread that he never criticised our club during his time in management.
  6. Remember Forrest as a useful player on the few occasions when I saw him. Never quite figured out why he left/was forced out but he played on for Aberdeen.
  7. Reading the speculation about Kent leaving for Elland Road is merely newspaper talk but there have been some transfers that upset the punters. Jim Baxter, Jim Forrest and Big Dandy McLean all caused some shaking of the head when they left (or were forced out) and in more recent times, Jim Bett who was a very useful player. I think that Davie Cooper also had some fine football in him when he moved on.
  8. Caught up with the post-game interview and I think that Gerrard is looking very tired, too tired for the early days of the season. Maybe it was the performance although I've seen Rangers play worse and win. There are times when he seems to be too nice, too much of a gentleman. Would much rather have a snarling, ranting Jock Wallace in front of a camera.
  9. Did not mean to cause any friction or any offence and do apologize if you were offended.  I enjoy the banter of Rangers Media and the recollections of bears from all over the world which can bring back memories of a youth in Scotland.  Good luck to you.


    The Widow's Son

  10. No, I don't "cut about" doing anything - I'm an old codger who doesn't move that fast. My dear old dad once told me never, ever criticise a 'Ger because "it's yer family" and I've tried to live this landmark. Have not always followed the prescribed course but I still refrain for the most part. In the "hall of fame"? I think not but he did pull on the shirt more times than you and I and everyone on this list will ever do.
  11. Once again, I'm amazed at the trajectory of a thread - jogged memories, some good, some bad, nice wee bit of footage that I had long forgot and some spin-off questions about Ferguson and Hand. Thoroughly enjoyed the reading.
  12. Fairytale Scottish Cup debut in a replayed final. He tried very hard for us but didn't make too many appearances. An old friend from long ago once commented that "Even the bad wans will wear the royal blue more often than we ever will". I don't think that Denny was that bad. Tin hat on. Ducking down in the trench.
  13. Jimmy Millar and Ralph Brand were fine players, Jim Forrest too. Always thought that Quinton Young put in a good shift whenever I was home to see games in the 1970's and thought Colin Jackson was better than many thought.
  14. Davie Wilson was a very underrated Rangers player. I actually met him at a lodge harmony in Cambuslang at Lodge Buchanan many years ago and found him delightful company. He's a non-smoking teetotaler and played a good few times for Scotland too. On the few occasions I've met Rangers players, I actually feel quite shy but Davie was beyond polite. A true measure of the man in his career after leaving Rangers: some years ago, I read that after a game at celtic Park between celtic and Dundee Utd., Jimmy Johnstone had a fine game in a celtic victory. Davie Wilson was waiting at the tunnel at the final whistle to offer him his congratulations. This recognition meant so much to Johnstone since it was a fellow player offering it right at the end of the game. Says a lot about Davie Wilson so it does.
  15. Recall the winning of the the 1975 title at Easter Road but for the life of me, I don't remember the details of the decisive game in 1976. Too many years definitely, too many beers (probably). Perhaps some kind-hearted bear can remind me, footage would be a bonus too.
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