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  1. Did not mean to cause any friction or any offence and do apologize if you were offended.  I enjoy the banter of Rangers Media and the recollections of bears from all over the world which can bring back memories of a youth in Scotland.  Good luck to you.


    The Widow's Son

  2. Thank you for your recent comment and recognition.  


    The Widow's Son

    1. thedarvelmarvel


      on the level,hiram

  3. Hi Banjobear:


    Many thanks for your detailed response to my query about Norrie Martin playing outfield and apologies for not getting back to you sooner.  I'd like to read a little more about this game and will try to track down a source.  In the meantime, thanks again.


    The Widow's Son in the 'couve

    1. banjobear


      Hi TWS,

      No trouble at all. If you do find out more please share.


  4. I met my current wife some time after my first wife had died.  She was a young widow with two infant children and we just took it from there.  

  5. Good bless you and the young man.  Hope that you have a good time for your big day and that he never forgets.  And maybe the first of many, many visits to Ibrox.

    1. MaddistonKnight


      Cheers mate, much appreciated.


  6. My apologies if I sounded harsh.  Disappointed too and feeling the pain in Vancouver.  

    1. KeyserSoze


      No sweat mate. We are all hurting 


  7. Many thanks for the footage.  Loved the music just as much.  Can you list the composer and name?


    The Widow's Son

    1. julescotia


      Cheeers (tu)
      It was Audiomachine - The Lion's Heart


  8. God bless you TEFTONG and good wishes in your friends struggle to stay clean and sober.  I've been clean and sober since October 11th, 1978 (Wednesday) and still need to work at it.  But the joy is in the journey.  My sponsor, Eddie, was a Celtic diehard out her in Vancouver.  Encourage your friend to work his 12 steps one day at a time.

    1. TEFTONG


      Thanks very much for your kind words and your support. I am the baby in AA terms here. Just got 3 Years of Sobriety 12th August. My mate Davie is celebrating 9 Years tomorrow and he has been a tremendous help to me.

      Hence the reason that meeting up with my Man City mates in the LOUDEN TAVERN has to take 2nd place in my priorities. Man City/Rangers won't keep me SOBER but going to hear a guy I respect will..

      I was lucky that the guy who 12 Stepped me who was also a big celtic fan took his time and taught me so much..wee quips and quotes that made sense to me..like.."Are you Open Minded..??..Yes i reply..I think so..Well says Terry your mind is like a parachute..If you don't Open it..Your fucked.."

      He also told me one night that.."Us alcoholics are just like Pigs..!!??...Oh right I reply..Because we are Greedy..??..No he explained.."Just like Pigs..We WON'T BE CURED UNTIL WE ARE DEAD"..

      I am Grateful to help out at my local meeting every Monday night. STEPPS ODAAT Group and the extra responsibility and the benefits have enhanced my Sobriety. I came to AA just over 3 Years ago..Broken..Unemployable and a Life that was outrageously unmanageable..Thank God for AA and the Fellowship I have found my Life has changed and turned around..

      I wish you well on your continued journey in Sobriety..KOKO.ODAAT. TC&GB.. 

    2. The Widow's Son

      The Widow's Son


      I did not appreciate that you were also in the programme since I thought that you were a support for your pal with 9 years of sobriety.  After the first month, they gave me a keychain which I still have.  Subsequent months resulted in further recognition.  Easy does it, one day at a time.  Stay strong.



  9. Many thanks for posting this footage.  It was great to see Best at his best even if it was against Scotland.  Some player Georgie Best.

    Tangled Up In Blue

  10. Hello, Hello. Have lived overseas but still heartbroken yet defiant about the Gers. It might take some time and some more disappointment but we'll be back at the top someday.


    The Widow's Son

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