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  1. I know that fashions and tastes change in almost everything - these days, you notice practically every fan wears a team jersey from one era or another, many the latest offering. If you look at old pictures, you see quite a few of the punters wearing shirt and tie, plenty of bunnets, the odd pipe too. And what ever happened to rosettes? I had a Rangers rosette all those years ago and many others did too - you almost never see a Rangers rosette these days although I have seen some tasty King William rosettes through the years. And those heavy wooden "rickets" that made such a noise when you
  2. Met a member of the Manchester LOL in 1979 at a home game vs. Morton. He told me that the RSC marched in the Orange parade down there. That's the best I can do from the 'Couve. Wonder if that would happen these days.
  3. Walter Smith travelled on the Carmyle bus and Jock Wallace was a member of a club on the east coast. I'm sure there must be many more.
  4. Not too upset in the 'Couve. We weren't unlucky, we weren't cheated, there wasn't a massive gap between the teams. We were rank rotten in terms of selection, tactics and performance. No complaints. If we can't change our shape, it will happen again. Your move, Mr. Gerrard.
  5. Spare a thought for us out on the west coast with a 4am kick off. Early to bed tonight, up at 3am, some coffee and toast and get set for the jamboree. I'll be the only one in the house up at that ungodly hour. Back to bed if we win, lose or draw. Well, that's the plan. Nae swearing, nae singing, nae chanting, nae enjoying yirsel. On previous occasions when we've lost (heavily), I've taken to long strolls to recharge, enjoying the 'Couve.
  6. Surprised that nobody mentioned Billy Ritchie and his brother Mabboza.
  7. Many years ago, at an installation in Toronto, I was asked which three brothers played for celtic. At first, I wasn't quite sure how to answer this one but my host told me Jock Stein, Bobby Evans and Bertie Peacock. Just curious as to which brothers played for Rangers. I met Davie Wilson in lodge many years ago but not sure if that part of our heritage has long since faded (like other parts).
  8. Not quite the image of my first games at Ibrox but fairly close to it. Recall plenty of bunnets and quite a few shirt and ties. No one wore strips in those days and scarves were beginning their era. Often wondered when we'll have a public exhibition fo changing fashions of fitba' fans or spectators as they've also been called. I would presume that a good few of the gentlemen in the picture would have probably worked in the morning in shipyards or factories.
  9. Many thanks to all bears who responded. Will check out the YouTube option immediately and hope for the best. There is help for The Widow's Son.
  10. It was a game vs. Hibs when Willie Johnson scored. Sorry, I skipped this detail in my initial request.
  11. I'm looking for footage of a game at Ibrox from around October, 1969. If memory serves, it was the last game for Norrie Martin and Brian Heron. It's beyond the reach of my cable tow and if any bear could help me, I'd be grateful.
  12. Reading the comments from the thread of the Walter Smith function, there was a mention of the Marseilles games. I remember watching in 1993 and at the time, I believed that we had the beating of them. My conviction is stronger all these years later. Somewhere, somehow, I think our players got frightened when they realised how close they were and ............ well, that's my take on it. Still recall Ron Atkinson complaining about McPherson's "lack of recovery pace". The result still bothers me and the fact that Marseilles were exposed as a bunch of cheats.
  13. Remember our fathers brave and bold? Followed the 'Gers because my dad did as his dad (my grandad) did. Even though I'm in my 70's and overseas for many decades, I still follow the 'Gers and have been back to see them a good few times. And I enjoy so much more since becoming clean and sober. Met a few bears working the 12 steps over here too and that's a good thing. In terms of passing it on to my children, they know who to cheer for even if it doesn't mean so much to them. It's a little harder when you're so far away.
  14. Thanks for the footage and clarification. Don't know why I thought they came from Fife.
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