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  1. Happy new hear to all bears 🇬🇧 55 to make it a mega happy 2021!!! all the best troops 🇬🇧
  2. Ffs! Laudrup and tavernier shouldn’t even be in the same conversation! Look am not blaming Tav for today. I blame gerrard. End off
  3. Seen far better from captains with less ability also. Good player. Maybe a better captain in the team? Ryan jack?!
  4. Exact same mate. Raging at Gerarrd for his starting XI!
  5. The only stat that matters to me is the score. Not saying Tav is shite. Today we were pish but as a captain I’d expect more. Always been high standards regarding captain at Rangers and sometimes I wonder if Tav has the bottle to put other players in their place. That being said Gerard’s team selection today was criminal. Fucked us and made TLB look like sir Alex!
  6. No time to read the rest of the replies. Gerrard got it wrong today, simple as. Why the fuck put Morelos and jones on the bench when they’d have been buzzing after Thursday is anyone’s guess??!! Fucking pissed aff like every other bear but we’ll carry on. The biggest worry is what other shitey team in this league will take points aff the inbred bastards?? Should’ve laid down a marker today as they are shite! Chance missed today big time. Still no medals handed out in September. Mon the gers 🇬🇧
  7. Sheer class! The guy just gets it! Long may it last! 🇬🇧 ps give us another day to remember v the scum on Sunday stevie!!!
  8. Condolences bud. Sad at anytime but 56 is criminal. As you say at least he’s not suffering anymore. All the best to you & family mate.
  9. The mans a class act. Got a feeling in years to come we’ll look back and see how lucky we were to have him manage our great club. As for the team today you could see to a man that SG has them well up for the fight and what is expected of a Rangers player. Great to see! 🇬🇧
  10. This 100% bud. Guy looks a good defender and decent going forward and wouldn’t cost a lot. If we were to get Kent back that’d make a strong left side. Barasic looks way short of confidence but we need strong mentality along with ability. Get the young guy signed up.
  11. Agreed mate. Pretty certain it’s a few juventus casuals involved in something a bit bigger than getting tooled up to fight other “ultras”. Same as you get Rangers casuals etc involved in other activities. saying that, that rocket would look great in amongst the “rhebel brigade” section at the paedo dome!
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