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  1. One down. At least you are taking my advice.
  2. As long as I have you commenting on several threads several times, LB, I won't be ignored.
  3. No, D'Art it is in your post and on this thread what you think of fans defending the club in plain speech. At least own it.
  4. Nobody has had a go at Multi Names more than me. Check my backlist. But the reality is that he has no credibility and we have bigger things to contend with than this Irish fairy tale teller. I have no issue with Phil because I don't read him orthink about him. That was my meaning and I think D'Art is well aware of that. If I did consider Phil a serious threat my instincts as a bear would be to defend the club. But D'Art does not agree with Rangers fans defending Rangers.
  5. D'Art and I teensgers? From dinosaurs to teenagers, D'Art!
  6. Tell it to the VB, D'Art. You are not going to get a robust defence of the club from this present regime and maybe not from any other. It will always fall to the fans. I am grateful we have guys like VB who defend the club, whether you think it's their job or not.
  7. Furthermore I don’t think it’s the job of Rangers supporters to be constantly defending the club from unwarranted, unjustified attacks from those who hate her. Whose job is it, then, D'Art?
  8. Looks like a vote for SNP is totally pointless with the Tories having a majority.
  9. The nightmare world we dreaded is no longer a nightmare. It is our everyday life in this hate-filled sewer called Scotland.
  10. Looks like the rebs were well named as such GSTQ
  11. Because you are using THEIR offence and judgement as the measuring stick. Of course they are going to be offended. Their being offended doesn't make it a crime.
  12. We played the game and self-policed. We stamped out the "offensive" songs. We actually won the moral high ground. But it didn't change anything. The reason is simple. We are meant to buy into the self-loathing they want to condition us with while they continue their own agenda of hate against us.
  13. The key issue is, as D'Art says, parity. The buzz word to avoid facing this is whataboutery.
  14. You think it's funny that the PUL community is the main/only target of anti-sectarian legislation?
  15. For sectarianism read Protestantism. Sectarianism is a construct used to condition people in the PUL community that it is unacceptable to fight for what they believe in.
  16. Have answered your question several times You are boring me now Will leave you to your sinister connotations and permutations of Mike Ashley's motives and inner workings You really should be rejoicing over all this Gives your buddies a chance to pick up the club for crumbs as was always their intent should it all go pear-shaped
  17. You are either truly paranoid or are sending your own wee messages From the Bow Wine Vaults Not So Loyal perhaps?
  18. You seem keen to put out that I am putting out a "message" I am simply stating my opinion Ashley has the resources to take Rangers back to stability and success I think he very likely has the intentions of doing just that But he may act too late to stop the rot and, as other posters have said, leave us with no club or a greatly diminished one
  19. A shrewd operator, no doubt. But really it's not about how he got power, it is about what he does with it from now on. My point is simply that he may leave it all too late the way things are going.
  20. Imagine that. A very shrewd businessman looking after his own interests. Will such a concept ever take off?
  21. I think I have made my view quite plain I also think you are trying to put words in my mouth If I am wrong, I apologise and can provide diagrams if you are slow to learn
  22. These were your own words last December "As I have said before and as Sandy Easdale has recently stated, there is plenty of investment money available from wealthy backers." Ashely was promoted as the sugardaddy but he prefers his own interests. Your words in October "Mike Ashley has the resources to back Rangers and make them a big club like before, even bigger. " and "He also has plenty of time to become a “Rangers man” and take the club to heart." I can't speak for Sandy so don't know what he was referring to but I do know one big investor backed off. Mike Ashley may be one of those Sandy was talking about. Ashley certainly has the resources but we are waiting for him to give us his long-term plan if he has one. Doesn't take a lot of brains to work out that he might be too late the way things are going.
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