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  1. Hunt For The Wilderpeople and Boy back to back just now on Film4
  2. Halliday should be starting these games another regular fuck up by Gerrard
  3. We should be winning by more than 4 goals disappointing night.
  4. No idea if thats a strong Hearts team or not but a high pressing game from them will give them a good chance
  5. Seen some cunt say it was on free sport so watched the first half on this pish SD channel before noticing its on premier HD. Wank
  6. Tell that baldy cunt to slither down in his seat selfish bastard
  7. They look the correct way up if I look at them upside down
  8. Same. Upside down plates then a flipped image of right way up plates.
  9. What's brown and rhymes with snoop Dr Dre
  10. Average 11 mins of action over the course of a match I believe
  11. If you bet this and it comes in after declaring yourself out in the betting thread I'm teaming up with loyaleastend
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