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  1. I'll take 2 if you have them mate. 07712177935

  2. Hi Wully, good idea regarding the tickets, BluePeter is looking into it.  If they have a PayPal then I could give fans their number through Rangersmedia and someone who people on the forum choose could actually draw it and post on here who the winner is.


    Also if I have a list of numbers I could PM to meet if they stay Glasgow or send next day 24 hour delivery. 

    I hole Rangersmedia have a PayPal account if not my wife has one but rather through Rangersmedia account. As long as I can access to the PayPal account to see if someone has donated a tenner or more then I can give them their numbers.


    If allowed I will do it, I also like the idea of the raffle as it not I've got more money than you mentality, yes you can buy more tickets but the person who spent a tenner has just as much chance of winning.


    Thanks as a very good idea.

  3. If you still have that easter road ticket mate i'll gladly take it, cheers.

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