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  1. I don't doubt it, in fact, celtic could potentially lose away to Aberdeen giving us a chance to close the gap to just 3 points behind celtic. I predict celtic will draw away to Aberdeen however and Motherwell, that's a potential 4 points we need to take advantage of thus the reason a run of results is so important to us.
  2. I grew up in the 9 in a row era, born in '84 and the greatest Rangers team I ever saw was in '98, dominated Bayern home and away, they needed to cheat Rangers out of 2 points to stop us from going through. That might shock some folk me saying that, then again our 9 in a row side were tremendous, Laudrup was easily the best player we've ever seen, what I'd give to see a player like that at Ibrox again. You can't sum up how good all those players were.
  3. Simple, because not every individual is the same, what you like is not the same as what other people like.
  4. Some people are just not really that interested in sport, I don't see the problem with that, it's just whatever they prefer. I know someone who is heavily into politics, economics and stuff like technology, results in the stock market to him are like results for us at Ibrox and fair play to him for that.
  5. Love Fabio, honestly do. Fabio loves Rangers and he loves the support, in fact he commented on that on his Instagram earlier about the support saying that our support is out of this world. Wait till he hears Ibrox in the old firm game. Overall Fabio's been superb, sure he has had his off moments but it's beyond me as they ignore all his important one's. The boy is only 23 he's going to grow and learn from big Bruno.
  6. I've been really impressed with him in both games, the tackle he put in in his first game coming on for Wallace was superb, his runs forward and crosses into the box are a real danger. I couldn't help but feel so frustrated in fact the amount of superb balls he put in along the goal mouth crying out for someone to just pounce on the end of it to score. Surely it's only a matter of time our players feed on that and gel to understand those opportunities, had they got on the end of one of them we could've been 2-0 up.
  7. I think you misunderstood, we're too good for it, we'll finish either 1st or 2nd. Right now too early to tell whether Rangers can get a run going to challenge celtic so likely 2nd.
  8. I think that's an honest assessment, I've been behind Pedro from the start and still back him even after the disappointing results I keep faith in him as manager. We'll see where Rangers are by Christmas and then a fairer judgement will be made of him. At the moment however 5 points is nothing and if Rangers can get a result against celtic it can quickly turn things around.
  9. Oh I know there would be no arguments, you couldn't do it if you tried lol
  10. We're no where near top 4, in fact if anything over the course of this season Rangers will pull further and further away from Hibs, likewise same with Motherwell, as for Aberdeen, well drawing 1-1 at home against Kilmarnock is hardly convincing, they're going to drop a lot more, in fact I see Motherwell beating them next week so Rangers need to exploit that.
  11. Well there's no harm in people believing, sure it might not happen but if it does which I believe Rangers can I suppose I'm on the moon
  12. Yes, although celtic weren't really going to slip up at home against Ross County, defensively they're not that great, celtic will come up against better teams whom they no doubt will drop points to. Ross County looked shit. End of the day though it's not over until it is over and I will continue to believe in my team reversing this to challenge and when it is over, fair enough but I expect big progress this season from last.
  13. Agreed, we're more than capable of beating celtic, but like I mentioned before it will probably be a high scoring game and that is because they will score a few past us, that's me going by what I've seen so far this season. However with that being said celtic don't look spectacular at the back and therefore Rangers can exploit that and hopefully we get a few goals. Kenny is predicted to start given he's started every game so far as much as people won't want him to I predict him scoring, he has a knack for scoring against celtic, I don't know why, he just does. I also think Morelos will score and it'll be 2-2, Rangers may just grab the winner which may come from Dorrans, just my prediction. We have to believe we can do it though, it's far from over and 5 points is nothing, if Rangers lose however I don't see Rangers challenging, if Rangers do win then yes.
  14. Well considering I was sitting in row AA above that which is on step further back in 2 you can pretty much say its decent, slow long as you have glasses and can make out the players without there being a blur, you won't see the screens or much of the other support at the other end however, still though it's decent. The fact you'll be there soaking in the atmosphere is what really matters and if we skelp them well the only view you'll really want to have a look at is down at the Broomloan to look at that lot heading into a fit of depression lol
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