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  1. Champions!! 55 achieved in real and undefeated style. Well done to the players, SG and the coaching staff and well done to the Board for backing them. Spare a thought for all the Bears who very sadly have passed away in recent times and were not able to witness this great day but who had to endure the years and suffering following our last title win. They too would be so proud today. Enjoy the party Bears. Everyone deserves to party like never before.
  2. Sacking him might be a route they go down. But imo its not enough. To end the culture of racism in football, imo, need a thorough cancelling job done and for that to happen. In my view that would mean either clubs themselves or national football authorities or Uefa to urgently change their mindsets and state that immediate lifetime bans will be applied and not just bans against playing but bans against any association whatsoever with coaching, managing or other roles in football. Do that and it will most likely stop altogether or radically reduce. Either that or cancel the elitist football authorities and offending clubs by dismantling them and starting again with leaders and officials who will not tolerate racism. Maybe a 'defund UEFA' campaign is needed. If their flow of money stops or is materially reduced then maybe then we might see real and beneficial reform. Short of that its a case of waiting for the next case, then the next, then the next.
  3. Does a 10 match ban act as a powerful enough deterrent to bring racism to a halt in football? I doubt it. I wonder if the majority of responsible decent folks in Europe would think that it is a powerful enough deterrent. Being banned from the game - now that would be a lot more powerful as a deterrent. Sometimes you do need a sledgehammer to crack nuts. Racism is arguably a case in point. If it were known that the punishment was complete removal from the game then I think the players, coaches, Boards etc would respond far more seriously to cancel the culture of racism. As it stands a 10 match ban amounts to a form of catch and release.......release to offend again after a short holiday. If offenders were removed from the game completely including banned from coaching or management or anything whatsoever to do with clubs and players ie entirely isolated from participating in the game then the racism problem would most likely be dramatically reduced. Why does UEFA not do this? Why is Rangers not pressing for that sort of sanction? Why is the SFA silent on this? Is it because in their worlds this is just another incident that has its time in the media spotlight and in the news cycle then as always it fades away until another incident happens. And another. And another. How long before UEFA and national football authorities start to be accused of some form of supremacism for their failure to take sufficiently decisive corrective action to eliminate racism?
  4. Its 2021. The age of cancel culture. The age of get your accusations in hard and fast and often and persist with them. Drown out the opposition. Belittle the opposition. Brow beat the opposition. Protest your innocence and along with it your wounds. Demand justice. Demand that those you accuse are cancelled by the authorities. Attack on multiple fronts. Its 2021. One side in this case knows how to play the cancel culture 'we are the injured party and we demand justice'. The other party works in a different era and convinces itself it is class and that rightful justice will prevail. Quite a collision of cultures. Will be interesting to see who wins for there must surely be a winner.
  5. Gaslighting. SNP politicians and their lapdog allies gaslighting. Its the same playbook as they use to try to drive fear and intimidation into people about Covid-19. Of which the so-called 'case' numbers continue to fall - 591 as at yesterday. They are inherently using a reducing pandemic threat to have yet another go at Rangers. Its gaslighting and they think its useful for them as a ploy for the upcoming elections. There is still a game at Ibrox to come later in the season too, so expect more gaslighting when that fixture falls to be played. And then again if we get to the semi finals and then final of the SC. Who will stand up to these idiotic politicians who are ruining the country? Get them voted out.
  6. Hmmmm, In the current hostile atmosphere whipped up by the SNP politicians with their lapdog agencies (SFA, SPFL, Police, stray dog warden society, etc) might the Rangers Board be tempted to go into this staged show trial to contest it vigorously. And then - because it will have been pre-judged - refuse to accept the verdict on the basis that it is plainly vindictive with a set of rules being interpreted one way (ultra adversely) for Rangers and another way for a certain other football club that occupies some space in Glasgow. In other words pick a fight on this one in order to try to avoid a precedent being set. Because if those rules are successfully used against these players on the charge as specified, then might more notices of complaint be raised citing the celebration scenes in the dressing room and in the Training Centre. Ordinarily I'd say 'pick your battles because not everything is of equal importance'. But in the current hostile climate maybe every battle of rules and assertion of 'leadership' is important eh. Will be interesting to see whether the Club does its dignified compliant 'just take it' line or whether battle fever is engaged.
  7. It seems from an STV News Tweet: "Records of meetings between Nicola Sturgeon, permanent secretary Leslie Evans and the Scottish Government’s legal counsel about the investigation into Alex Salmond cannot be found, John Swinney has confirmed." How very convenient eh? Wonder if that is really the truth. But then again, since when did the truth matter and in this age do lies even matter any more. As SNP politicians will be well aware in a Covid-hype/fear age and with emergency powers to do more or less what you autocratically please as a Govt as there is no effective political opposition or media opposition then truth and lies are not important. What is important is to control the narrative. And that is what they are seeking to do for their own political purposes.
  8. Thank you. Was not too well for a long while but recovered a bit now. A recovery well helped by watching Rangers progress from the remote distance of news on the internet when I could get some help. I'm so pleased to be in a good spell at present and was able to follow the very recent title winning run of games. We'll see how things go but for now many thanks for your welcome. I appreciate it. Hope you enjoy the rest of what has been a glorious season.
  9. I think the Board has no alternative but to tackle head on. A cancel culture needs to be met by cancelling the cancel culture. But lies are not the heart of the matter. They should be but they are not. These days politicians can get away with blatant and persistent lying - so much so that its actually 'in the grill' lying which is not trying to be hid. Its about who controls the narrative, the message. If they have that control, and they have the mainstream media working with them, and big tech like Microsoft, Google, Amazon, Facebook Twitter then truth and a balanced alternative views are simply bulldoed aside. The truth is only one way of looking at things. If the SNP feels it has power to drive through a form of cancel Rangers culture then maybe they might have a go at it using Covid powers / fears as the bullwark. Watching this space as the saying goes.
  10. The SNP has the mainstream media on its side. It has a daily TV slot to spout its propaganda. They have the apparatus of Govt and Govt websites as tools to influence their messaging. They have personalities who are in the public eye daily to pitch the messaging. They have Covid emergency powers to draw on, and further powers they can create as there is no effective opposition in Holyrood or even in the mainstream media. Rangers does not have access to national TV or radio and (it seems) not much access to mainstream newspapers either. There are no well known personalities who are regularly n front of TV cameras on a national basis to counter the points and to put the Rangers view and case. We can all complain in social media as much as we want to, and we probably will. But it cuts very little ice in this cancel culture age we live in. Politicians have discovered the taste for autocracy and they like it. They have discovered how far the public can be pushed, and persuaded, and made to fear. And they like the power and influence this gives them. Put that in the hands of a SNP leadership and Govt that has no effective opposition and no effective media challenge and the situation is simple.......they set the narrative without fear of any effective opposition. They are well aware of how effective 'cancel culture' has been recently and still is. The only question for the SNP is how far they are prepared to push this. Is it fire for political effect and the sky is bright for a while with flares of accusation and threat and counter-accusation and the thing settles down as another traditional Govt vs Rangers squabble. Or does the SNP sense a chance to cancel Rangers? No conspiracies. But no co-incidences either. Watching this space as the saying goes. We've not seen the end game on this yet,
  11. There is a key lesson in these times when a cancel (and even 'disappear') culture exists. Cancel culture is being used by certain political parties in conjunction with mainstream media and the big tech outfits like Google, Amazon, Twitter and Facebook who have taken on an unelected role of censors in deciding what people get to see and hear - and buy - on their platforms. This is under cover of asserting whether or not content complies with the T&Cs of the services they provide. The lesson is to cancel back. Which is what Douglas Park seems to be seeking to do Ie you don't just sit and take the autocrat / Govt dictatorial assertion and spin. You set the record straight as often and strongly as you can for as long as you can so long as you have a media platform to get your points across. But make no mistake, if the mainstream media and big tech oligarchy and their political friends decide you are to be cancelled........then in this age that is the power they have created, As lots of people and companies have already found out recently. So......is it just a spat that will eventually blow over when enough common sense prevails and after the politicians have been seen to fire for effect for their own political spin purposes. Or are they after something more sinister. No conspiracies, but no co-incidences either
  12. No conspiracies. But no co-incidences either. Innocent reason for delay or sinister reason? The longer an unexplained silence goes on the less it looks from the outside as something innocent. Is big US (now really CCP lapdog tech) using its influence (or being asked to use its influence) as part of a 'cancel Rangers' project? As plenty of folks and businesses in the USA and even wider afield are finding out if the tech oligarchs in Twitter, Facebook,Google and Amazon don't like you or don't like your messages or what you stand for then you are cancelled, disappeared, Its what happens nowadays when you have oligarchs with dictatorial powers of censorship and backed by Govts or political parties with whom they side with. Just scan multiple social media sites to see how the tech oligarchs are wielding power. Even TalkRadio and an Australian news network were taken down briefly before enough of a protest was mounted to restore their services. Its why many are shifting out of Twitter into Telegram and out of Google into Rumble and ditching Facebook & TikTok altogether. Ask yourselves if you really control what happens to your own data. Back to Rangers. At the very least they owe us an explanation. It is bad business to set up expectations by advertising the imminent release of a video only to not do so, pull up the drawbridge and then say nothing. Innocent delay or sinister goings on in the background? No conspiracies, but no co-incidences either,
  13. Rangers under Steven Gerrard has pulverised the league opposition. The earliest the league has been won on well over 100 years? Won earlier this season that it was last season with the artificial Covid cut off. The opposition have been left in Rangers' wake by some distance. In Aberdeen's case its very nearly 40 points adrift and we've not even got to the break yet. No wonder McInnes went. Effectively atomised by the performance of SG and Rangers. Not managerially fit to even polish SG's boots. I suppose he'll find a TV/media pundit slot as another Rangers critic as having presided over the decline of Aberdeen its not exactly a stellar CV he's built that would attract comparable or bigger clubs.
  14. Thanks. I appreciate that. Enjoy the 55 and hopefully more to come this season.
  15. Unlimited and unbounded and unchallenged lies. The point being if the SNP Govt uses its political powers under covid and its position of having no effective opposition to hold it to proper account and with a compliant mainstream media then they control the narrative and the messaging. When you have that sort of unchecked govt controlling power and the active co-operation of the mainstream media you can get away with a lot. Its happening in plain view too. Not being hidden.
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