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  1. Got curious about Drumry school. Googled it and actually found a class photo from 1962. Just had my mind blown. Can you spot Unclebuzzy? Shit, feel really old now!
  2. You are a Drumchapel bear! I was born in Drumchapel in 1954 then moved to Canada in late 64. Is Drumry school still there? haven't been back there since 1968. Lots of bears back then in Drumchapel.
  3. This is the reverse view. Been wearing this old shirt all season. Not going to rotate it, been good luck so far, and will be in the future. 😁
  4. Actually a long way away. Good eyes help. On a side note I just asked my google assistant who the worlds most successful team is. You all know the answer!!!
  5. Weird it wont let me register now. ? i fill everything out and it just goes back to the same page. so weird ive never experienced any issues before. I still had my subscription from last year, so did not have to buy the game. I tried again and was able to get on ok again. Better atmosphere at the club probably, be rocking. Enjoy the match
  6. Everything seems ok now for me . I had an account so just had to log in, it sounds like you are trying to purchase it? Don't know what is going on with your page. I have the player running and all seems good
  7. If the server stays down, will be using Mobdro for Premier sports and chromecast to the tv. Any android device will get the game. Prefer Rangers TV, have the full package but Mobdro is a vital backup on days like this
  8. |Just got on to Rangers tv by linking through the main Rangers site Clicked on the link in t he left top corner. No guarantees it will be ok for the game but was able to log into my account. Hope it works for all. Crap! Still waiting to log in, thought it was ok but ended up with the same error message.
  9. Same here. 2 hours to get it back up.
  10. Try Puffin web browser. It has a built in flash player that should work fine with Rangers TV.
  11. This might be tricky if you are in the UK. I have a feeling live might be a problem. I use a program to change my Internet connection from Canada to either US or Germany to use Netflix. The shows work fine on my laptop or phone, but if it is title not available in Canada and I cast to my chromecast, it has not changed from my Canadian Internet and will not play. I cant think of a way to change the chromecast internet settings to another country. I am confident it should work ok for the live match for me in Canada..I will post results
  12. Not sure about Iphones, but the initial download of the app was free. After testing on my android phone, I decided to buy the app to get rid of the ads and open all the functions. Try the free download and test with the IPhone. Here is the link. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=de.twokit.castbrowser. Found a link for apple stuff...https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/video-tv-cast-browser-for/id907405413?mt=8
  13. One more feature is that when you open Rangers TV in the TV Cast window you can watch on your Android phone or tablet . Cool app.
  14. For people trying to watch rangers tv on an Android device, I just bought an app on the google store to cast any web site to my chromecast. it works great and gets around the need for Adobe Flash Player, which will not work with Android phones and tablets. This is great because you could not cast Puffin to the chromecast to view on the television, you needed a hdmi cable hookup from my laptop to the tv. So much easier to cast from my Samsung phone. The app is called TV Cast. Makes it a bit easier to watch the worlds best team, and only cost $3.99 Canadian. Hope it is helpful . Should have sta
  15. If you install Puffin Browser on your android device it should work. Puffin has a flash player embedded in the browser and will play live Rangerstv games abroad. If you are signed in with a German IP address you will get the live feed.
  16. Hi, go to this page...http://rangerstv.tv/access-denied.php?c=Matches&it=10481&act= , then enter your username and password you registered with. The next page will display the upcoming game; click on the Falkirk game and the video will show up at game time. Live for me in Canada, I think after midnight in UK. 2 hours and 45 minutes to go, can't wait. Go Gers.
  17. The games are now available to buy live outside the UK. I have bought the last two. They are supposed to be able to sell season subscriptions starting this week. If you go to Rangers TV and click on "Matches" At the top of the page, you are taken to a page to buy the game either Live for outside UK or as live for the UK. Rangers Then...Rangers Now...Rangers Forever
  18. Canada now, born in Drumchapel. Die hard Rangers fan for over 50 years. Rangers Then...Rangers Now...Rangers Forever.
  19. At checkout they say no shipping to Canada. That sucks. Megastore prices for the colonies I guess. Ordering one now from there. Rangers Then...Rangers Now...Rangers FOREVER !
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