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  1. Just saw the SFL3 table there, Peterhead and Queens Park are second and third and level on points. There is one game left of the season, against each other! for promotion!

  2. The new GTA5 trailers are amazing, Trevor looks like an awesome badass character. Roll on September 17th!

  3. Half time in the Glasgow Cup Rangers 2 - 1 Paranoid F.C.

  4. Motherwell/Celtic game is awesome.

  5. Killswitch headlining Hevy this year... tempted.

  6. So wish I was at the O2 Arena for RAW tonight...

  7. got snapchat msg me your usernames :)

  8. Smackdown was amazing tonight. Road dogg and bad ass billy gunn with sheamus fighting the shield was incredible!

  9. Still feeling absolutely rank rotten today :(

  10. Someone posted this on a Rangers board and I'd like to share it;Well, the season almost over. The first stage complete. The assassins still shooting at us, the bheggars still obsessed by us. What a year it has been to be a rangers fanatic. Ups, downs, highs, and lows. Claim, counterclaim, sleekit meetings, knights of the round tables doing dirty dealing in the background. But i for one will be glad to see the end of a harrowing season in football.The up side is that we made many a friend...

  11. Feeling so incredibly ill just now. :( Pure freezing and I've got the shakes. Was doing some work but was so cold ive climbed into bed, with my clothes on and listening to angels and airwaves. Bad times.

  12. Watching RAW from last night, Did I just witness Teddy Long make a singles match?!?

  13. Just heard that Marathon Runners that crossed finish line continued to run to Mass General Hospital to give blood to victims.

  14. gotta love all the SPL teams trying to blame Rangers for the 10-2 vote today. Amazing. Obsession.

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