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  1. This ,it was the first thing that entered my mind when I woke up 2day 💙💙
  2. Class fae hagi ,that's what he can do
  3. I'm still 18 m8 ,Benjamin Button
  4. Stop @. Me every night after a few cider ya alkie bastard 😂
  5. I can do that ,2 bottles of tonic and a half q ,cheaper than sir Alex, I could even rap it imo
  6. He's becoming the biggest bully on here m8 ,think he owns the site he's just raging u have a better team than him imo
  7. Awkward moment when he's partied in players houses and they have left him alone with wife ,dirty bastard
  8. Take away the Catholic teeth and pretty spot on ,Ronaldo sign and u give 4 players to the papes watch this
  9. Anyways who we signing next ?away to ot where I thought I was tbf 😂😂
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