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  1. Didn't think he was as good in parts of the 2nd half. 1st half thought he was incredible. Kamara is the best footballer in the SPL. Absolutely not a doubt about it. He could seamlessly fit into a top 6 team in the EPL or the other top leagues. Fantastic footballer.
  2. Really think we'll bury these in the 2nd half. Morelos has been shite and is looking at a ban. Foolish, could have been down to 10 after 20mins. Never learn, when your scoring 25 goals a season and online for POTY then you get something a pass. Not now. Kamara is a class act. Finish these cunts
  3. Another win tonight please Rangers. Strangle every last bit of hope that any of those filthy fuckers are clinging onto!
  4. No way he's going for 11m or whatever's being quoted. That would be about 5m per decent ball he's played this season. It'll be something mental that the fenians have fallen for. "We'll give you 1m now and 5million if we win the English Premiership and 5million more if we get out of the group stages of the World Cup"
  5. Chelsea are run by a set of pricks. Lampard over-achieved last year, took on a job when he didn't really have a choice and got them a Top 4 finish. Think they're about 5pts off the top 4.
  6. Number5

    Ryan Kent

    Plagiarism of the OP. Heavy on the exaggeration!
  7. Well done Stevie and his team. Brilliant way to mark your 150th game. Best performance in a good while. Hopefully kicking into gear again just in time for Europe. Welcome back Ryan Jack!
  8. Number5

    Ryan Kent

    Quite possibly the best performance I've ever seen from a Rangers player ever.
  9. Best half for a while that for me. 3 could and should have been 4 or 5. Fucking made up that Kent's bagged. Hopefully kicks on. Been really happy with Hagi. Must have tracked and pressured and won the ball 3 or 4 times there. Get Jack on for 45mins
  10. Was 100% convinced we'd never win the title so long as Tav was captain...
  11. Fucking missed that one, went with the Haaland, Mbappe and Deeney to bag. Came in, but was about 9s
  12. It's fucking brilliant. Bet you a few of their better players have stuck around a year or 2 longer than they wanted with the promise of becoming legends after the 10iar. Hahahaha. They'll be getting out of there as quick as they can and probably on the cheap, regarded as fucking duds by the filthy bitter fenian followers. Summers going to be even better now!
  13. Brilliant to hear that Jack will be back and Roofe isn't far off. Perfect time as I think a few might be needing a break/rotation and these 2 are massive for us.
  14. I'd have him just behind Roofe as the best signing of our season so far.
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