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  1. Arguably our most important player last season. Seems to have grown into the role of leader as well. Massive if we can tie him down for a few more years.
  2. That'll be the highlight of the fenians season if they managed to sell that dud for 13.5m. Please let them get O'Donnell. Pish. Cherry on top, if Ang, having never watched a celtic game, gets offered Duffy.
  3. Just got a call 1hr ago saying we've managed to get hold of some tickets through a Blackpool supporter. Wee man's made up. Told him they'll be plenty of bears in the Blackpool end and we'll have a prime view of the bluenoses rocking the stands Feels like its been a lifetime since we last watched the Bears. Cannae fucking wait.
  4. No you're probably right. Gutted about this signing now I think about it.
  5. Another positive is the boy is 27 and no doubt must have had offers for EPL teams and we've managed to sway him.
  6. Think he's a cracking signing. Premier league player. Decent age. Totally different to what we have, got a superb engine on him, good range of passing and likes a tackle.
  7. Fuck off the 32 red and it looks decent. Surely there's a way as a one off of satisfying the sponsors and marking the 150 years without putting a eyesore into the centre of the shirt? The "set your limits" pisses me right off.
  8. I imagine it's already been said but the most tragic part of the Euros for me is seeing John Collins tonight.....What an absolute walloper. Looked like he was the spastic cousin of Pacino. What an absolute dick. Souness hopefully has filled him in and we'll never have to witness his likes again.
  9. Clarke has undone all his perceived good work in the 1st game. If there's a Scotland fan out there (other than embarrassing fanboy fletcher) who can forgive Clarke for starting christie above Adams and O'Donnell before Patterson then they deserve what they get.
  10. Clarke is a total fuckup. Starting Christie when you've got Adams (Who without surprise has been 100% more effective) on the bench. Let's bring on x2 fenians when they've been dogshite and one who's played about 90mins in a season. When they decided to keep the 3-5-2 and not take off O'Donnell earlier you basically saw Clarke for what he is....Not even 2nd rate. If Duffy was a Scot, Clarke would have played him.
  11. Clarke's a fuck up. Imagine not giving the young lads, who he hasn't seen a great deal of, a start against this lot. Think he's worried they'd impress and he'd have to rethink things. Patterson is on a different fucking level to that O'Donnell. You just know that Patterson will be lucky to get 10mins in this whole tournament.
  12. The amount of shit we've all gone through in the last 10 years is madness, imagine getting told what would have happened to us 20 years ago, you would never have believed it. There is no set of fans in the world that deserve this as much as us. Let the party start!!
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