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  1. I think he earns his wage as much around the training field and in the dressing room as he does on the pitch. You can see the relationships he builds and I imagine, from what we hear, the way he trains and carries himself is exemplary and sets the standard. Still banging them in. There's definitely games where he can do a job.
  2. The 2nd world class goal in a matter of days for us. That goal today was an absolute gem. A goal that very few could score with such nonchalance. What a way to hit 300!!
  3. He was better but not where I thought he'd be. Think he might be missing the big stage (fans/pressure etc??) He gives you really important match winning moments but over 90mins he, on the whole, has consistantly been poor. Some of his passes are absolutely dogshit, underhit/overhit when they are easy as fuck. But then 2 or 3 moments of genius. An infuriating player. Class but shite in the same breath.
  4. The keeper sighing and feigning an injury adds to it for me!
  5. Number5


    Needs a a goal. Arfield touched an absolute gimmee into his path first half in the box and he tried for a pass back. That was a goal 12mth ago.
  6. Happy with that side. A few coming in without weaking the side which says alot about the squad. Always feel comfortable with us in Europe of late. 1-3 Morelos to bag a couple.
  7. Haha. What a faggot. Imagine ringing the DR to let them know of this then those sad cunts actually following it up and making it a story. Sad set of bastards the lot of them.
  8. Genuinely believe he's the most valuable assest in Scottish football.
  9. Without being at his very best. His opening 20mins showed the fenians that they couldn't relax. The most dynamic player on the pitch for the first 20mins, which influenced the game/tactics going forward. Looked head and shoulders above. If he has a good season we win this title.
  10. Said it from early doors. Has all the attributes to be a top CB. Growing into the role. Looking miles better in possession, leading the back line, defensively solid and fucking plays for the shirt. If he avoid massive sways in confidence ruining spells in his game then he's going to be fucking huge for us! His partnership with big Helander is so important. Falling in love with the big cunt.
  11. Number5


    Finally. Fed up listening to fenians loving fenians and the likes of Butcher and Ally appeasing those fucks. Stand up Kris.
  12. He'll spend his days in the sun on a treatmant table in America or Asia.
  13. Not too sure mate? Looking at reports he's been out with a groin injury for about 6mths and ankle related surgery/injuries for the same period in the last 2 years. Probably best he says he's over his injuries now he's looking for a new club to throw millions at him for a few games a season.
  14. Wilshere, fucking hell. Hope not. He's been injured more than he's been fit. Was good when he first burst on the scene, but who the fuck would offer him a decent contact when there is 100% chance he's going to be on the treatment table for the majority of the time. Would be up there with Prodan.
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