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  1. Fuck me that was a tough watch. Still dogshite this season, we're going to rely on the fenians being even more shite than us to win the title at this rate. Sakala may be the poorest player I've seen since Sadiq
  2. We've been shite this season. But this could be an all time shite high. The starting line up is wrong. Patterson must be fucking furious. Aribo has gone from having the best 45mins in his Rangers career to looking like this. Fucking come on Rangers!
  3. Aribo was awesome in that first half. Best 45mins I've seen from him. Almost makes you feel short changed to a degree when you see what he's capable of.
  4. This isn't anything new for Alfie. He goes through patches, whether it be through distractions like transfer talk/fitness issues or just off form. He's a decent enough player and when on it is fucking superb, full of passion and desire. If we can get over 10m for him in the next 2 windows we're going to need to take it.
  5. Only replying to your comment about "trying to see out the last 20mins" Game should have been over well before the subs came on. AM had a superb 5mins when he pulled off 2 top class saves. In those 20mins you mention we had, in my opinion, at least 2 chances I'd have expected us to score 99% of the time. Not too sure I blame Gerrard today?
  6. By your reasoning Alfie misses 5 pens and McGregor fucks up it's still McGregors fault?
  7. Disagree. Those chances fall to Kevin Kyle and he bags one. Game over.
  8. Your comment was "trying to see out the last 20mins". It's hardly trying to see it out when we should have probably bagged at least 2 in that period. If anything he made it more expansive. A fuck up I agree but not " trying to see out". Other than Davis coming on it was pretty much like for like. Aribo was on a yellow so get it.
  9. We probably missed about 4 piss easy chances to score in those 20mins?
  10. This season should have been a fucking walk in the park. Shite soap dodgers side in total free fall. We should have beaten the SPLs 2nd best side (currently) by a good 2 or 3 and that's us being bang off it. The leagues so weak but we're giving them all a sniff by being so average. Us from last season would have won this league already.
  11. Decent 1st half. Should have been out of sight. Alfie was fucking horrific in front of goal. Staggers gets a bye for being fucking superb 99% of the time.
  12. Couldn't look more associated to that club if he tried. The poster boy of the fenians. 100% stinks of pickled onion monster munch.
  13. The management team have seen enough of Katic, they know he's not going to be part of this 11 under Gerrard. Think it was wishful thinking that Simpson MIGHT be coached into a player. Never happening. I'd have Katic over Simpson every day of the week.
  14. He's pish. Thought we'd gone past the days of any cunt wearing the blue.
  15. Best 45mins of the season. Then to drop into the same lull for the next. At least we're keeping Ange in the job for a few months longer than he should be.
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