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  1. Gay as fuck if you're over 13. Fucking superb if you're not.
  2. Ive liked the look of the boy since he's came. Travels really well with the ball and has a really surprising turn of pace. He seems really keen too. Good signing.
  3. Big fan of White. The fella just wants to fight and knock heads off. Could of easily boxed behind the jab and systematically took Povetkin apart. Likes a brawl. Wilder better step up the little weasel.
  4. Would absolutely love it if Katic came good. Was it the Warsaw game when he was incredible. A real warrior performance. Up there with the best we've seen in the last few years. Sadly not sure he can dislodge big Phil?
  5. I think he'd be far more suited to the slow Italian, technical game. The amount of times the boy falls over, gets tangled, either thinking too far ahead or just the pressure applied. What I'll say about Hagi is he has obvious class, but when watching him for a whole 90mins (if and when he lasts it) he doesn't look class. Far from it. Fleeting moments. I really like the lad and what I've read about him. We'd have to shoehorn him into a starting SG team and 10m might be too good to resist?
  6. You may be right mate, I didn't get into Italian football but Pirlo at 23 was playing a major role for an AC Milan team and was the deep lying Midfielder than we know at Juventus, probably not to the level most remember but he was miles ahead of Hagi.
  7. He's pretty much the opposite of Pirlo! Pirlo runs games and has MOTM coming out of his arse. Hagi can be absolutely dogshite, falling over his feet, misplacing passes 5/10 performance then come up with 1 moment that nobody else could. I'd take 10m for him.
  8. A game that meant fuck all to us VS their cup final to try and beat us and stop the undefeated record. Even when we're pish they aren't good enough. 55
  9. Proud of this team. Tiny details. These fuckers were playing the game from the first minute, making meals out of everything. Frustrating our players and getting the absolutely pathetic officials onside. Don't blame Roofe, ball was there, he wins it, no malice. Just one of those. Aribo was pish, Arfield was non existent. Well done Gers. It's been fucking amazing. Livers getting a rest now on Thursdays!
  10. Think us having a go at the Champions league might curtail player movements, mixed with a massive feel good factor. However I imagine the club will probably be looking at offers for Borna and One other from Buff/Kamara/Kent. If we managed to get 20-30m for x2 players then I'm sure we could bring in 2 or 3 quality additions with 1 or 2 pre-contracts. The Champions League will give us a edge in recruitment no doubt.
  11. It was incredible. When he won the header I'd resided myself to a last minute loss. To save it was world class. To grasp it was something other worldly. All done nursing a come down! AM take a bow.
  12. Great result. They bossed the first half without troubling AM too much. Thought Hagi was dogshite, never seen a man slip and slide so much each and every game....but still came up with an assist, the touch was sublime. Thought if we could keep in the game until HT we'd be ok. That save was absolutely on a different level. Any modern day "World class" keeper who's worth 80m would have either not saved it or palmed it back to the onrushing attacker. World Class. We'll finish these off in the 2nd leg 100%!
  13. Absolutely superb scenes. Felt like yesterday was just the day that kept on giving. Showing my 10 year old son all the videos from yesterday has been emotional and fuckimg brilliant. Up until now those kids have been used to taking heart from getting wins over the fenians and getting to the later stages in Europe, never winning the title. Really exciting times ahead for all us Bears! It's been a long time coming but let the party begin!
  14. Said at the start of the season. If Kent continued his early form we'd win the title.....He never and we're still pissing it. He's the most dangerous player in Scotland when on song. He's bang on it now and Buff is hitting the heights again. These two are a fucking huge boost for our European adventures. I wouldn't put anything past us this season!
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