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  1. It’s a general miss for me, overall and for the outlays (wages taken into account if no significant transfer fee), there’s a massive chunk of utter gash. Even allowing for finding his feet, the last two windows seem to have replicated the trend of accepting lower quality pish when, arguably, bringing in youngsters like Kelly would make more sense. To be 3 years down the line and still buying in crap is below acceptable to me.
  2. If you don’t score many goals, you aren’t going to win many games when you leak goals. We are nowhere near as good as some think and getting found out.
  3. Still very few goals in this team yet rinse and repeat hoping it will get better. Continue and this team won’t win the league, which is criminal given what we’re up against.
  4. That’s on Gerrard (again), horrendous substitution leaving Morelos on the park. They had width in the second half and we made ourselves very narrow with the changes, played right in their hands. However, you cannot legislate for missed chance or your keeper coming out and missing that.
  5. Got exactly what they deserved. Our finishing has been a joke all season.
  6. Press back today is pleasing! Game should be out of sight already, same tempo in the second half and blow these cunts away.
  7. Like against their spoon burning siblings, any win will do but be nice for it not to be a slog. They’re a team punching above themselves at the moment, just promoted, nae money, etc. If we have a desire to win back to back championships, you cannot lose to a side like them at Ibrox. In tae these salt n sauce wankers Rangers.
  8. Somebody’s been on the bevvy there. Team sitting 6th in the league but, aye, their signings have all been great. Ffs
  9. https://www.skysports.com/football/news/36621/12427595/scottish-premiership-which-summer-signings-have-impressed-so-far
  10. Unless this affects a club from England, France, Spain, Germany or Italy, UEFA aren’t brave enough to expel/punish a club or country that wronged a team from Scotland. I will be gobsmacked if Sparta are penalised the way they were when playing Monaco, let alone this is a repeat offending country. “They were booing because he battered a player from our country in the tunnel” will suffice as an explanation and it will (again) be swept under the carpet. They are a disgusting country as can be seen from Bartley’s tweets too.
  11. League contacted Sky and asked for Dermot’s ref watch result and he said it was a red. When they play their partners from Glasgow, if he launches himself, at that pace again into one of the mhanks new signings, he’ll get a red that day too. Hope refs are brave enough to start carding these thugs, they let far too much crap like this go in our country, then we ask ourselves why Scottish players / national team are shite or we don’t attract sponsors. Backwater pish no one gives a shit about. It’s being going on for years like the Cardoso semi-final, or Cf’s like Main being an attractive option for teams in our TOP league. Incredible really.
  12. I think we lack pace in the team and Hagi is one that looks like he runs in quicksand. In saying that, Sakala has bags of pace and not one shred of talent the way Hagi does so what the fuck do I know!? it won’t be popular, but he’d still be one I’d look to move on for profit if possible. We really do need to improve the business model and he fits right into the recommended model of buy low, sell high, then repeat.
  13. On BBC Alba, like watching shitey boys club fitba
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