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  1. Definitely a better draw than last years. We've got a decent chance of going through.
  2. "A non wanker version of Roy keane is all he is" 😆
  3. He's played at the same level all season as he did last night? You seem utterly clueless about football if you believe that. Morelos's performance last night was him back near his best, he's rarely reached that level this season. He began this season knowwhere near the level of both fitness and performance that he began season 2019-20 with. This led to him being dropped from the team at one point.
  4. I thought everybody knew that Morelos wants to play in one of the bigger leagues?. It was widely reported that he had agreed personal terms with Lille and they put in several offers but didn't match what we wanted. After the move fell through, he look disinterested and unfit at the start of this season. This was not the first time this had happened. I'm amazed that people on here don't know this and seem even upset at the very suggestion that he has ambitions to play outside Scotland. And for those who didn't know that, I've got even more bad news for you, Gerrards a Liverpool supporter, now d
  5. I heard of few crackers in my time, the earth is flat, the moon is made of cheese, Morelos has never given one indication that he wants away. There's no point debating with the deluded.
  6. Fine, you want to pretend otherwise, that's up to you.
  7. He wants to play in a better league. Why pretend otherwise?
  8. He clearly wants to leave, hopefully he can maintain his form till the end of the season and we can remember him for the good not the bad.
  9. Antwerp will have a few of their players back. They're a decent team so can't take this for granted.
  10. If Balogun plays as a more defensive RB we can adjust our tactics by playing only 1 sitting and 2 attacking midfielders.
  11. Goldson's had a great season. He's managed to reduce the number of silly mistake he's made in previous seasons, his distribution has vastly improved and he's also improved this aerial ability, becoming more of a goal threat. Long way to go but I'd have him as favourite for POTL, he's been more consistent than Tav and Barasic who have both faded a little lately. McGregor and Davis must also be in with a shout.
  12. The BBC argued that they couldn't let Rangers pick what "journalist" cover the games. It's a ridiculous argument but seems to have satisfied the bosses in the beeb. We need to remember BBC Scotland was one of the main players in spreading the "new club' propaganda, they don't have the staff with enough journalistic integrity to cover Rangers impartiality so it's probably best they stay away.
  13. I presume it's Tav, Borna and Hagi in that order.
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