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  1. Saltcoats is a dive, Ardrossan is just beautiful! 🙂 If you like an curry, try the Juipur, it's as good as any of Indian restaurant in Glasgow.
  2. He looked the best player on the park when he came on.
  3. They got a deal with the bank that saved liquidation and being placed in the bottom league.
  4. She's could of helped if she wanted to, did Salmond not help hearts by helping broker a deal with the Lithuanians?
  5. I don't think they were asking for public money but asking if there was anyway that she can help. It's normal for MP's to help struggling business, organisations, charity's or individuals if they can. Is she not the MSP for that area of Glasgow, if so she should of been duty bound to help. I presume she didn't want to help as she thought it might cost her votes from Rangers haters.
  6. Anyone who was at the celebration who was unfairly treated by the police or witnessed anything should put in an official complaint. I support the police, they have a difficult job, but need to be held accountable if there's no any wrong doing. We need to find out if there was any political influence in the decision to send in the riot police.
  7. Someone, maybe one of the fan's groups should make a complaint so that the police can be investigated for their handling of the celebrations. In general, they seem to police mass gatherings reasonably well. I'm guessing the political pressure applied to the police force led them to make decisions they might not normally make.
  8. Did his hand actually get blown off or is it media exaggeration? After our previous celebration in George Square there was questioned asked of the police for not doing more to stop them. Afterwards the police held an enquiry and it was found that they handled the celebration in an appropriate manner But, did the political pressure applied after the last celebration influence their decision to send in the riot police? Could they not of just arrested the few people out of thousands that got involved in violence? Will there be an enquiry to determine whether the police handl
  9. I though Tav, Goldson, McGregor and Davis had already agreed extensions? Hopefully Kamara will be next to
  10. Shameful media coverage. I've not heard the side of what happened from the fans perspective reported in the media. All completely one sided. If it had been protest about Palestine or some other woke cause we'd be reading about heavy handed policeing and mainly peaceful protests.
  11. Realistically, the squad needs to continue to evolve. Which means moving some squad players on and replacing them with better quality. I like Greg Stewart, but probably time for him to move on. Defoe, quality, but I think his massive salary could be better spent. Jones, Zungu, and Barkers time may also be up. So that 5 players that could go and hopefully be replaced by players who can improve the squad and challenge for a starting spot in the team. It may also mean selling one of our top players if a huge offer comes in that allows us to reinvest. Let say an offer of 15 millio
  12. It's time for him to move on. He's far too expensive for an occasional sub appearance.
  13. If we were judging up to Xmas then Tav would be runaway winner but he's unfortunately be out for so long that I'd discount him for POTY. McGregor we probably take too much so granted. He's had a fantastic season but it'd prefer an outfield player won it. Davis has had a great season, probably played more games than we planned due to injuries, but he's been consistent throughout. Definitely would be a worthy winner. But i'd give it to Goldson. Played every minute of every game, he's been the player who has improved the most this season. He's cut out the daft errors, improved his
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