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  1. Tough game. We're going to have to do fully focused on the job to get 3 points. Fresh legs required after Wednesday, Jack, Aribo and Kamara in midfield. Morelos, Roofe and Kent up top.
  2. Good young player. His best days are yet to come.
  3. He's also got a new born bairn in the house. He's probably not get a good nights sleep for a couple of years!
  4. It didn't help that he was nowhere near fit at the beginning of the season. I like Morelos buy we can't rely on him.
  5. How many points will a team be deducted if they play someone who is supposed to be in quarantine or isolation?
  6. It looks like he's already in semi retirement with his performance on Saturday.
  7. How decides whether an incident deserves further investigation other than Sportscene?
  8. Christie and Forrest are the 2 most overrated players in Scotland.
  9. At the beginning of last season Morelos was in fantastic shape but this season he started back way below that level of fitness. It's unprofessional and clearly his mind was elsewhere. It's time for him to grow up and fulfill his potential and he'll then get the move he desires next summer with a league 🏅 in his pocket.
  10. five stars


    I'm a fan of Tav but he did go off the boil for a while last season. But as usual the criticism of him was way over the top.
  11. I think Jones has a better end product than Barker. He's capable of playing an intelligent final ball or cross. He's a good squad player to have and can come in for specific games or come on as a sub. This could be another season of 60+ games, we're going to need everyone we've got.
  12. Yeah, he's having a good season. Still needs to cut out the silly mistakes. Gave them their best chance first half.
  13. Silly thing to do considering he's already been sent off there twice. Morelos had an ok game, but he's still not playing anywhere near his best.
  14. Cultural appropriation. That'll be 7 years in jail for this horrendous hate crime if anyone finds it offensive (they will) under the new "Hate" crime bill.
  15. We don't know what restrictions will be in place in few weeks never mind a few years.
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