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  1. I think most people now agree with my original post. Lundstram must start.
  2. What grounds have less than 10,000 capacity? Wanna get my diseased body to see some live football.
  3. Nearly 70% of covid deaths are in the double vaccinated (It's front page on the Herald today). Hopefully the 3rd dose will offer better protection to those vulnerable to covid.
  4. People don't trust governments, big pharma, big tech and main stream media. It's the sensible thing to do if you capable of thinking.
  5. Do the research yourself. It ain't difficult and should only take you about 10 minutes. Start with the recent released huge study from Israel.
  6. Absolutely bullshit. The scientific debate on this is over. The Moderna jab is the most effective vaccine but natural infection is superior to all the vaccines .
  7. It's now well known that the vaccinated have a similar viral load as the unvaccinated if infected, and immunity from the vaccine is short lived. (Hence the 3rd/4th dose etc) Surprised to see so many on hear following along with the SNP's totalitarianism policy like nice little obedient sheep.
  8. I still think Lundstram should be starting in the central defensive midfield, at least until Jack is back. Today would good opportunity for him to show what he can do.
  9. What's next for the unvaccinated? Losing there jobs, banned from restaurants and pubs, house arrested, forced vaccination, re-education, jail, capital punishment!!!??? It unfortunately not surprising, as humans really don't have a great track record on how we treat our fellow human beings. Those who supports covid passports, how far are they willing to go so that they can feel safe?
  10. We should have a democratic vote on whether the bold mitre should be banned.
  11. So you've got how long to wait to vote against this tyranny? Millions of people all over the world are against this. There has been massive demonstrations in the UK, France, USA, Australia etc etc. (But you won't see much of it in the media) People are losing their jobs and civil liberties. Their position on the vaccine has hardened they will never get the vaccine now and may fall under the spell of the anti vac extremists.
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