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  1. Bar the wee spell of Tynecastle and YB away Tav was brilliant first half of the season, he didn't look lost without him one bit. There was fuck all wrong with selling Candeias, some of his attacking output was dreadful at times. The problem was we replaced him with cunts worse than him, not better.
  2. I actually thought Hagi played quite well yesterday. He is a bit volatile but I like than in attacking players, trying out the ordinary passes etc is what breaks defences down more often than not. Some things he tries will fail drastically, some others will give us a golden chance. I'll take that for a young guy still learning his trade.
  3. Looks a pretty composed player and can control attacks quite well too, but like you said those late runs and longshots are exactly what we are missing from our midfielders. I've seen a good few championship fans saying they want him because he ran the game whenever their team played Preston, that is a wide enough evaluation to suggest he has quality.
  4. Have you seen a lot of him? I watch a fair bit of championship but not much Preston and the few times I have I don't remember him so I'm purely going off the opinions of people who have seen him and by the sounds of it he would improve us going forward. He has qualities that Kamara, Jack and Davis don't have while they have qualities he doesn't, we aren't going to find a player who can defend, control a match and score goals because they cost big money.
  5. Barjonas was struggling to get a game for thistle and Raith Rovers, Johnson on the other hand has been labelled one of the top midfielders in their league and not just by Preston fans, a league that is overall a better standard than ours.
  6. Hope you're joking mate :))))))
  7. Kevin Stoger would be perfect for us, not sure why a Bundesliga team hasn't snapped him up yet.
  8. Sounds like we were interested but his wage demands were too high.
  9. https://sport24.ru/news/football/2020-08-26-kuzyayevym-interesovalsya-reyndzhers As it became known to Sport24, the Rangers were interested in the services of the central midfielder Daler Kuzyaev. The Scottish club viewed the Russian as a possible reinforcement, but ultimately did not propose.
  10. I reckon it is just a case of asking high, then the price we meet at in the middle will be our actual valuation of around 20m
  11. Well I highly doubt that. He drives a BMW not a Mercedes I'm sure.
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