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  1. Shame as he could do the job standing on his head. Good luck to him in all his future endeavours.
  2. Someone has to take training and prep for Sunday. Not reading anything into that re an announcement. At least the club are keeping us updated. Hopefully the 1pm announcement today is correct
  3. Seriously? Oh well best GVB gets to know the new breed of ref he will be up against since he left. No more funny handshakes
  4. Tricky one for the Board if AV come calling in January. As many have said it could be the difference in CL football or not. Hopefully we would say come back to us in the Summer. Big money for Kent and Kamara and the CL payday and that would do us for years. We’ll take Veerman and they can keep the change type money
  5. Aye loved that they celebrated SG going as they will be gutted when GVB is unveiled. One of them messaged me after it was clear SG was going and I said it would be Gio. He said no chance. They never thought we would do better than McInnes. Is the pressure now on them a bit to win the league? Would Angeball survive if we won the league again while changing manager not even halfway through? I’ll enjoy watching their hope disappear by NY.
  6. Shota was mentioned at one point returning as manager. I don’t actually think they were messing. Anyway onwards to Gio being announced
  7. I would accept Patterson and Kamara going as we have Tav plus a number of midfielders but an on form Kent is not easily replaced. For the record I would love Patterson to be the right back for years but it just makes sense to get cash in to strengthen weaker areas like CB and a striker if Alfie doesn’t get back up to speed soon. But yeh 50 mil and I’ll drive the 3 down
  8. Arveladze is the goal of the day. Rangers’ Twitter trolling us now
  9. Yes mate. Can’t remember exactly the circumstances but for some reason him saying that stuck in my head.
  10. Maybe jumping to conclusions but just taking it from Tav’s long thank you list that the rest are gone
  11. Defoe as close to it as anyone. In short I don’t think so
  12. Lampard to Norwich looks possible so maybe one off our shopping list
  13. It’s obviously Defoe….studied under SG and sold to stay on at us with a promise of the top job. Seriously though I’m encouraged that 4th official page seems to back Gio as I think they may be in the loop. Not perfect as said elsewhere but what do we expect not even mid season with no money to poach someone decent under contract?
  14. He has already said a few other things about GVB that are not right. Entitled to an opinion but at least don’t just make things up to suit
  15. A former Aberdeen player has said the boys he still knows there are saying it’s McInnes. Make of that what you will. I don’t think it will be him. The board/Ross Wilson will have not read the room if it is.
  16. Just messaged a mate this. If not for the interview with Emma Dodds a few weeks ago I wouldn’t hold much against him. He effectively bit her head off for daring to suggest he would be away in the near future.
  17. 100 fecking percent. Pish statement from the club.
  18. Yep. I replied previously to a negative GVB post by Dave saying this and he took over a poor team. I feel pretty good about the thought. Immediately holds the aura and gravitas after a figure like SG
  19. I would have been a bit happier with the club statement had it mentioned anything about what they are doing/have been doing about a new manager unless I’ve missed this somewhere
  20. Reading a few quotes from Gio he cited Covid difficulties disrupting things so wanted to return to see his family. At face value it doesn’t seem it was because he flopped. The team he was with were poor when he took over I think and just didn’t get the chance to turn them around.
  21. There had to be changes which he has done. Massive game for Arfield to show whether he can still be more than a squad player
  22. Completely agree. The ironic thing as well is when Motherwell stopped fannying about they actually looked more likely to get another. That is a point - why should a team be forced to play injury time because of the time wasting of another….I think it’s different where injury time comes from fouls in the course of play and subsequent injuries etc. As that’s just part of the game P.S. It’s self defeating in my point but I can’t get enough of watching McGregor time waste. He at least made it an art form
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